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Thread: Japanese cards being listed

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    Recently added:

    1975 NST Mr. Baseball
    1991 Q Card
    2012 BBM 1st Version
    2012 BBM Yomiuri Giants
    2012 BBM Hiroshima Toyo Carp
    2012 BBM Chiba Lotte Marines
    2012 BBM Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks
    2012 BBM Orix Buffaloes
    2012 BBM Tokyo Yakult Swallows
    2012 BBM Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles
    2012 BBM Rookie Edition
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    I've recently found some resources for filling in the rest of the BBM checklists from 2008-2010 and have begun working on filling in the gaps for those years. Everything is in Japanese, so it will be slow progress as Google Translate can only help so far, but progress should be steady and I should be able to knock out 2-3 sets per week depending on size. The 2011 CPBL sets should also be complete soon.

    I've found information about a set (or two sets) issued in Nicaragua back in 2006-07. As yet, I'm unsure how to catalog them as I've not been able to find an image of the card backs, so I don't know if they're numbered or not.
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    Recently added:

    2008 BBM All-Star Game
    2008 BBM Touch the Game
    2009 BBM All-Star Game
    2009 BBM Nippon Series
    2009 BBM Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks
    2009 BBM Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters
    2009 BBM Yomiuri Giants
    2010 BBM Tokyo Big 6 University League Spring Edition
    2010 BBM Rookie Edition
    2010 BBM Chiba Lotte Marines
    2010 BBM Chunichi Dragons
    2010 BBM Hiroshima Toyo Carp
    2010 BBM Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters
    2010 BBM Saitama Seibu Lions
    2010 BBM Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles
    2010 BBM Tokyo Yakult Swallows
    2010 BBM Yokohama BayStars
    2010 BBM Yomiuri Giants
    2011 Konami Baseball Heroes ShineStar Heat Up Version
    2012 Bandai Owners League 02
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    Recently added:

    2009 BBM Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles
    2009 BBM Tokyo Yakult Swallows
    2009 BBM Yokohama BayStars
    2009 BBM Yomiuri Giants
    2010 BBM Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks
    2010 BBM Hanshin Tigers
    2012 BBM Hanshin Tigers
    2012 BBM Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles

    several autograph sets from 2009-2012
    several team issue sets for the Buffaloes, Dragons, Fighters, Giants and Lions
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    Mexican set updates

    Not Japanese, but I have been supplied with what is thought to be a complete checklist for the 2005 Liga de Mexicana set, and it has been updated. The set is now listed at 207 cards (including 5 mascots). 207 is a very odd number for a complete set, and Vaquero Laguna only has 3 cards in the set, so I suspect it still might be short a few cards, but this is a substantial improvement. The set has been re-numbered to follow the numbering (pretty sure it's arbitrary) supplied to me.

    A checklist for a 2002 set by Mexican food comglomerate Bimbo was also supplied, but I'm holding off adding it until I can see some actual cards.

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    I'm steadily adding partial checklists for the CPBL sets issued in Taiwan. Sets have been issued there pretty much every season since 1990, so there is a bit of catching up to do. So far, sets have been added for 1990-1996, and more are on the way. Also, the base set from 2012 has been added with insert sets to follow shortly. There were also some sets issued for the short-lived Taiwan Major League, and those will be added eventually, as well. So if you ever wondered what happened to players like Sil Campusano, Ron Jones, Don August or Luis de los Santos...they all spent several years in Taiwan. Along with compiling the checklists, I'm posting them in both Chinese and English on my blog in hopes that some kind soul will be able to help translate the names I've missed.

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    are these listed 1999 dice-k rookie's

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    I don't think we have the RC designation set for any non-American cards, but yes they are both listed. That said, technically those would be among his Japanese rookie cards.
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    I just received a great new resource for player name translations for Taiwan, so more sets will be added soon. I'm also filling in most of the gaps in the CPBL sets already in the system.

    CPBL All-Star sets have been added for 1990-1995, 2006-2008.
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    Playing catch-up today. I've added series 2 for 2013 Calbee, and am working my way down the list of BBM team sets. So far, I've added the Tigers Legends set and the regular team sets for Hiroshima, Yomiuri, Nippon-Ham, Chiba, Seibu, Hanshin, SoftBank, Chunichi and Yakult. Lots more to come. Once I'm caught up, I'll get back to the Taiwanese sets.
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