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    Thumbs up Yankees

    I picked up a box of Yankee cards (about 500) that range in year from 1982 to 1997. They are all base cards including ,Mattinglys, Bernies, O'Neil's, etc. Mostly Topps, Donruss, Fleer, but there are some Flair, Select and oddball manufacturers.
    I'd like to help out Yankee collectors and will trade for my set needs.
    Thank you for looking.
    On smaller trades I use PWE but will always use a bubble mailer if you ask.
    Slow trader. Please be patient. Mainly building sets.
    Please check my Hidden Content for wants and trade items.
    Sorry, but "CMB"'s will be ignored.

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    Yankees Team Sets and singles

    I have the following Yankees team sets...I'm flexible in trade. Please PM me if interested. Would love to get rid of the lot, not necessarily looking to break up the sets.
    1981 Donruss
    1981 Fleer
    1982 Donruss
    1982 Fleer
    1983 Topps
    1987 Donruss
    1987 Topps
    1988 Score
    1988 Topps
    1989 Upper Deck
    1990 Fleer
    1991 Donruss
    1991 Fleer
    1992 Donruss
    1992 Fleer
    1992 Upper Deck
    1993 Fleer
    2000 Topps
    2001 Topps
    2003 Bowman Heritage
    2006 Topps

    I also have a lot of singles between 1980-present, and 1 card from 1966. Please PM me.
    Baseball: Anything to do with the Negro Leagues (cards, memorabilia, etc), Clementes
    Football: Payton, E. Smith, Sayers, J. Brown
    Tickets: All sports, but love Baseball and Football
    Others: Vintage is always welcome, anything tradeable.
    My bucket: Hidden Content

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    I have these Yankees cards FT/FS:
    -1996 Fleer/Skybox Metal Universe #84-Wade Boggs (2x)
    -1996 Fleer/Skybox Metal Universe #85-David Cone (2x)
    -1996 Fleer/Skybox Metal Universe #86-Joe Girardi
    -1996 Fleer/Skybox Metal Universe #88-Jim Leyritz
    -1996 Fleer/Skybox Metal Universe #89-Tino Martinez (2x)
    -1996 Fleer/Skybox Metal Universe #90-Don Mattingly
    -1996 Fleer/Skybox Metal Universe #92-Andy Pettitte (3x)
    -1996 Fleer/Skybox Metal Universe #93-Tim Raines
    -1996 Fleer/Skybox Metal Universe #94-Kenny Rogers (2x)
    -1996 Fleer/Skybox Metal Universe #95-Ruben Sierra
    -1996 Fleer/Skybox Metal Universe #96-John Wetteland
    -1996 Fleer/Skybox Metal Universe #97-Bernie Williams
    -1996 Fleer/Skybox Metal Universe Platinum Edition#89-Tino Martinez (Mariners uni)
    -2010 Topps Legendary Lineage #LL-59 Mark Teixeira Mickey Mantle (Yankees)
    -2010 Topps History of the World Series #HWS10 Whitey Ford (Yankees)
    -2010 Topps #370 Robinson Cano (Yankees)
    -2010 Topps Chrome #114 Robinson Cano (Yankees-4x)
    -2012 Bowman #2 Nick Swisher (2x)
    -2012 Bowman #13 Curtis Granderson
    -2012 Bowman #16-Mark Teixeira
    -2012 Bowman #22-Robinson Cano (2x)
    -2012 Bowman #66 Mariano Rivera (2x)
    -2012 Bowman #124 Michael Pineda (2x)
    -2012 Bowman #165 Ivan Nova (2x)
    -2012 Bowman #176-Ichiro (Yankees)
    -2012 Bowman #190 CC Sabathia (2x)
    -2012 Bowman #217 Dellin Betances (2x)
    -2012 Bowman Gold #2-Nick Swisher (2x)
    -2012 Bowman Gold #63-Alex Rodriguez
    -2012 Bowman Gold #66-Mariano Rivera
    -2012 Bowman Gold #217-Dellin Betances
    -2012 Bowman Chrome #49-Ivan Nova (Yankees)
    -2012 Bowman Chrome #66-Alex Rodriguez (Yankees)
    -2012 Bowman Chrome #103-Curtis Granderson (Yankees)
    -2012 Bowman Chrome #158-Brett Gardner (Yankees)
    -2012 Bowman Prospects #BP15-Jose Campos (Yankees)
    -2012 Bowman Prospects #BP17-Tyler Austin (Yankees) (2x)
    -2012 Bowman Prospects #BP22-Claudio Custodio (Yankees)
    -2012 Bowman Prospects #BP43-Rookie Davis (Yankees)
    -2012 Bowman Prospects #BP98-Greg Bird (Yankees) (2x)
    -2012 Bowman Prospects #BP99-Dante Bichette Jr (Yankees) (2x)
    -2012 Bowman Chrome Prospects #BCP15-Jose Campos (Yankees)
    -2012 Bowman Chrome Prospects #BCP17-Tyler Austin (Yankees)
    -2012 Bowman Chrome Prospects #BCP22-Claudio Custodio (Yankees)
    -2012 Bowman Chrome Prospects #BCP43-Rookie Davis (Yankees)
    -2012 Bowman Chrome Prospects #BCP98-Greg Bird (Yankees)
    -2012 Bowman Chrome Prospects #BCP99-Dante Bichette Jr (Yankees)
    -2012 Bowman Chrome Prospects #BCP174-Fransisco Arcia (Yankees)
    -2012 Bowman’s Best Prospects #BBP3-Manny Banuelos
    -2012 Bowman's Best #BB1-CC Sabathia
    -2012 Topps #7-Mickey Mantle (Yankees)
    -2012 Topps #252-Dellin Betances RC (Yankees)
    -2012 Topps #302-A.L. Home Run Leaders-Bautista, Granderson, Teixeira pictured
    -2012 Topps #33-League Leaders-A.L RBIs-Granderson, Cano, A. Gonzalez pictured (Yankees)
    -2012 Topps Updates #US278-Andy Pettite (Yankees)
    -2012 Topps Golden Greats #GG-32 Mickey Mantle (Yankees)
    -2012 Topps Heritage #54-2012 Rookie Stars--Joe Gaub (Cubs), Addison Reed (White Sox), Adron Chambers (Cardinals), Dellin Betances (Yankees)
    -2012 Topps Archives #20 Robinson Cano 1954 Topps Design (Yankees)
    -2013 Topps Chasing History #CH-10 Lou Gehrig (Yankees)
    -2013 Topps Chasing History Holofoil #CH-Reggie Jackson (Yankees)
    Collecting: McGriff, Helton, Chipper and Griffey.
    Cards for Trade and Want Lists
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