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    VIP CC Auction 2011 Panini Contenders Kyle McMyne Auto

    2011 Panini Contenders

    Draft Class Kyle McMyne Auto #DT91

    1) ALL VIP Members may bid on the auction.

    2) All auctions will last for exactly one week from the initial post.

    3) All auctions start with no reserve.

    4) Bid increments must be in increments of 100cc.

    5) Do not bid if you do not have enough cc in your account to cover the bid placed. Folks who do so will be prohibited from bidding on future VIP cc auctions.

    6) Auction will close exactly 7 days after being put up (so check the time stamp in the initial post).

    7) Upon completion of the auction the full cc amount should be transferred to my account (doniceage). I will ship all cards via bubblemailer to the address listed in your profile.

    8) No transferring of CC during a auction.

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