Poll: How did you find SCF

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    Google search for baseball card forums ;)
    Super-collecting Jake Locker.

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    I googled for football card boxes

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    I came here long ago from somebody mentioning the site on the Beckett boards back in the day.

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    • Looking for Detroit cards in Baseball, Hockey, Football.
    I have over 16,400 cards listed in my inventory all with scans.

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    I heard about it from beckett joined this site and TCC around the same time, both sites were about the same size trafficwise how things change. Although I didn't trade on here for awhile because my first trade someone stole $200+ BV from me. Way to start out.

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    I just googled baseball card forums.

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    Like a lot of people I just googled sports cards forum and found this forum.

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    heard about this place from another forum.

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    Google is an amazong thing
    Super-collecting Jake Locker.

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    I was on Beckett and couldnt find some cards I needed so I did a little googling and signed up here just to have a secondary trade board to pop my head into every now and then. Once Beckett went all loco on us I made the full time switch.

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    Was checking out a card related blog and was referenced here.

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