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    Old Newbie - collected hard 1969-1971(early spring), then left it alone for years

    I may want to complete my '70 football set - only missing about 10 or so. I'm 58 now, and the internet has provoked my interest again.

    Just now learning intricacies of grading, and regret some I sold (and gave away) in the past.

    But I never knew they might be worth a penny or two if I'd kept all the stars and how much care is needed to preserve condition.

    Giving some away kept them all from being lost or discarded probably, as that's when I found they had value. In 1986, I'd thought only rare stuff like Ruths and the like in great condition were all that sold.

    Luckily I have a two attic story after my Dad moved while I was away at college.

    Corner damage to my first two series '71 Topps baseball cards has cost some value, but I got some sorely needed money in the nineties, and I still have some neat commons - mostly 1969 Topps football second series.

    I'll be interested in people's ideas on grading corner damage as Ive found it to be very subjective.

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    Welcome to the site! All grading is basically subjective. Some critics would tell you that grading is basically a scam where you pay somebody else money to make your card more valuable than the guy who hasn't paid. I personally wouldn't say that grading is as pointless as that but I do think it is valuable for authenticating if a card is a reprint or not. But if you have always owned the cards after pulling them from a pack or something you don't really need somebody to tell you they are real. Only if you are buying them on the secondary market.
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