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    Post Old Member back to trading soon

    Its been acouple years, divorced, lost a child, and now I moved back to Oklahoma city....
    Not sure if anyone I used to trade or deal with is still around. BUT, hello to everyone... slowly getting back into the swing of things.
    Collecting #ed/100 or less rookie cards of select stars, prefer Topps Chrome or Finest refractored rookies. Not limited to Steelers

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    Welcome back Jason. I'm sorry to hear about your news.

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    Jason- Sorry to hear about your misfortunes. Welcome back to SCF!
    Always looking for Graded Vintage (Pre-1980)

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    Welcome back to SCF-sorry about your child.
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    Welcome back to SCF Jason! Sorry to hear about losing a child.

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    Sorry to hear about the loss of a child. Welcome back to SCF.

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    Welcome, Welcome, Welcome!!!!!
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