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    Hey, I am that new guy. Can you help me?

    Hello all, this is a pretty nice forum and I would like to become apart of it.

    So I am your standard guy, I was looking in my attic (so original) and I came across a box. Inside the box was literally THOUSANDS of basketball cards and over 600 untouched packs. All these cards are from the late 1980's and early 1990's. Upon a quick glance (I know nothing about cards from the 1900's) I found a handful of micheal jordans, scotty pipens, magic johnsons.... etc. Those are the only people I knew to look for xD. So there are just tons of good cards and like I said 600 packs that are unopened and I dont know what to do with them. So here are a few questions I have at the moment.

    1.) should I open the packs?

    2.) I know these cards are only 25 years old but WILL they be worth anything if I put them back in the attic and try to sell them in a couple decades?

    That is pretty much all I wanted to ask.
    Hope you guys have a good day, and thanks for any help you give me.
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    Welcome to the best trading site!For your question....You have to ask yourself...Do you need the money or are you going to start collecting?
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    Quote Originally Posted by hugs65 View Post
    Welcome to the best trading site!For your question....You have to ask yourself...Do you need the money or are you going to start collecting?
    Would they be worth more if I didn't open the packs? Part of me wants to just open them cause it feels good.

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    Welcome to SCF.Most of the cards probably aren't worth very much, card value went way down in the late 1980's and onward do to over production. I'd personally enjoy opening them, but you should maybe wait for some advice from more experienced collectors. I bought a few boxes of sports cards from the late 1980's and early 1990's back in 2012, realized that most of them weren't worth anything, and that's how I started collecting TTM autographs. Good luck with whatever you decide to do with them!

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    Can you take a picture of the cards you are talking about? The packs/boxes from those years can range from not very valuable to very expensive depending on what they are. A picture of some or most of them will be able to give us an idea if you would be better off opening them or keeping them sealed.
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    Another thought is to take a look at the back and front of the cards, determine what year and set they are from, and then look at eBay or a local show, and see what they are selling for. If they are selling unopened boxes of that set for $5, then they fall into what is affectionately called "junk wax", and they are more fun to open and enjoy, but not to sell. If unopened boxes sell for $100, then there is probably a bit of value hidden in there, and I would spend time checking what are the high value cards. Then, you can decide to open and sell individually, or to sell it unopened as a gamble.

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    Hey Jimmy, Welcome to SCF. Thanks for Joining!

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    Welcome to SCF! Hope some of those guys were able to answer your questions. I wish I could help but I started collecting in the last few years and don't know much about older cards.
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    Honestly depends on what "Late 80s" means to you.... (I've heard people call 1986 LATE 80s)... Um no.... :) Figure out what year and brand, and take pics. If it's 86-87 Fleer (DON'T OPEN) :) (That's Jordan's rookie year, among many other HOFer's.) Even 87-88 Fleer has value for the Jordan's. Get pics, Figure out the brands, and post up on the Basketball forum pages. I'm a Baseball guy, but I know a bit about everything from that era.

    Welcome to the site!
    Always looking for rookies, Auto's and set fillers. LMK if you can help.

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