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    Hey gang,

    Happy to get the activation email over the weekend, been a lurker for a bit here but now I have signed up to post. I only collect hockey and football cards but mostly hockey, Alexei Kovalev is the one player I try to collect everything from right now and I'm proud to say my collection is pretty close to complete (75%). I hope to get a few Kovy cards I'm looking for through trades in the trade forum. I also collect certain hockey auto's and rookie cards (limited print & graded).

    Hoping to meet a few fellow hockey collectors and become a fun contributor on the boards.

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    Hey Ray, welcome to SCF! Best of luck adding to your collection!

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    Welcome Kovy! Glad to see there are still Kovalev collectors out there......He was one of my favorite Rangers. If you need anything do not hesitate to ask. Additionally, take a look at my inventory, I would be willing to part with anything that is not in a Rangers uniform.
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    Welcome to the site! Congrats on the collection as 75% of the run is a very high number to get to. You should probably check out the Hockey Super Collector HOF on here as you should have enough to make it if interested.
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    Welcome to SCF! Hopefully we can help you raise 75% to 90% quickly!
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