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    Cubs fan, coming back to collecting

    Hello all. I was a pretty serious baseball card collector up through the early 00s, then I gave it up. I had a huge collection and sold most of it, just keeping some of the Cubs stuff. I got burned out on the chromautofractor explosion and it quit being fun. I'm coming back a bit now. I'm still concentrating on vintage Cubs, but I am intrigued by all these rookies, as well as the mystery that is the rookie card/best card/first bowman/best auto debate. I still have a few holes in my Cubs collection, like a T206 Joe Tinker, Goudey Hack Wilson and Kiki Cuyler, and Cracker Jack Hippo Vaughn to name a few.

    I also collect designer toys/sofubi and low-brow art prints.

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    Welcome back! If you have any questions feel free to ask.
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    Hey Stephen, Welcome to SCF. Thanks for Joining!

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    Welcome Back! Happy Trading!

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    Baseball - Mark McGwire, Roger Clemens, & Phillies (in PHI uniform)
    Hockey - Valeri Kamensky, Chris Bala, Bob Kudelski, Patrick Rissmiller, & Autos/#ed cards of Flyers (in PHI uniform)
    Golf - Tiger Woods

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    Welcome to SCF!!
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    Team Collector of Texas Rangers & Cincinnati Reds. Also other Stars like Evan Longoria & Matt Kemp......I trade by BV or @ least try to when available.
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