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    Hello I'm a newbie

    Hi all I am new to SCF my wife and I have been collecting cards, mcfarlane figures and sports collectables for many years. Thank you for allowing me aboard.

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    Welcome Salmon, glad to have you join!
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    Check out my inventory, Maybe I have something for you!
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    Looking for ANY Anaheim Ducks!

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    Welcome to the site!
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    4 Sport Trade Bucket: Hidden Content

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    welcome to the site and always good having a wife enjoying your passion with you
    Collecting Emmanuel Mudiay

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    Welcome to SCF!
    2014 Marcus Mariota/2009-14 Topps Platinum Football and Emmitt Smith in Football! Derek Jeter in Baseball! James Bond in Non-Sports!

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    Welcome to SCF Scott, have fun here and I hope you and your wife enjoy what SCF has to offer!

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    Welcome to SCF, enjoy yourself here. The searching tools and Inventory tools here are very user friendly.
    Take a couple tutorials...They improved my proficiency
    Need , newer Lions /newer Red Wings/ Tigers....Fb list is: [url]

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