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    New member in Indiana

    Cliff, here. I'm from the Indianapolis area and have a collection of Sports Illustrateds that I have gotten signed over the years. I started sending some out a couple months ago, just to see how it went and have had fairly good success so far. I do a lot of In person autographs too.

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    Hey Cliff, welcome to SCF! Always nice to see a neighbor signing up here! I'm a couple hours North of Indy myself, getting ready to hopefully do some IP graphing at the TinCaps game today. That is, as long as the rain will hold off!

    Take care,

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    SuperCollecting 3 generations of Yastrzemski's!

    Carl: 560/3398 not including 1/1's (16.5%), Mike: 8/8 (100%), Michael: 10/19 (52.6%)
    Always looking for any memorabilia that I don't have to add to my PC!
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    Welcome to SCF!
    Check out what fan packs I have received on my blog

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    Hello Cliff and welcome to SCF! Let's hope you can meet members here that can help expand your collection and I hope you have fun with us!

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    Welcome to SCF Cliff!
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    If interested in trading PLEASE provide a Trade List or Page.
    I trade by BV or @ least try to when available.
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    Hey Cliff, Welcome to SCF. Thanks for Joining!


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    Welcome to SCF Cliff, enjoy yourself here, you came to a great place!
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