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Thread: Whats up guys!

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    Whats up guys!

    Have not been on here in a very long time. My name is Josh. I am a huge Flyers, Red Sox, Redskins, and Wizards fan. How is it going? Just got back from graduating from Old Dominion University and did not have much time talking/trading cards. I am back unfortunately because ebay screwed me over. I was using my mothers account to let go most of collection and everything was going great, until I got a notice that the account was suspended. They linked my account to my friend's from ODU who was nice enough to let me cosign him my cards to sell on ebay. I made the mistake of sending my earnings from my friends paypal account to my mother's, so now the show is over. I am going to be honest, I am here to try and do business on this site, because I know of no other that compares to ebay's market. I am aware of the policy that I will ship first until I get the needed feedback. I look forward to making transactions with fellow sports fanatics. Sorry for the rant, just had to vent, and re-introduce myself.



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    BTW my photobucket needs some serious updating and will do as soon as possible.

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    Welcome to the site! If you have any questions feel free to ask.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pwaldo View Post
    Welcome to the site! If you have any questions feel free to ask.
    Thanks! Will Do.

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    Hey Josh, welcome to SCF. LMK if I can be of assistance.
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    Quote Originally Posted by andrewhoya View Post
    Hey Josh, welcome to SCF. LMK if I can be of assistance.
    Thanks, I appreciate it!

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    Hey Josh, Welcome back to SCF.

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    Welcome from the basketball team!
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    Welcome to the site Josh
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    Always Looking For Jordan Cards I don't have!
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    Hello Josh and welcome to SCF.

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