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    Paid for mine via Paypal this AM...thanks!

    Quote Originally Posted by brentodento View Post
    Been a while since I've done one of these, so I'll just back in!

    I'll take 3, 5 and 7 to finish it up...thanks!
    Always looking for Bears legends

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    Will be shipping out tomorrow...
    Closing Down my Wax Business. Still have some sealed product in hand. Feel free to PM me if looking for anything.
    Receive your choice of 2,000 card cash or a random free card from the SCF CC Store (your team/sport of choice) when you buy a box (prize boxes not included).

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    SWEET. looking forward to these. ;]
    collecting rookies auto game used of hall of famer or retired players all sports.

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    Received mine this afternoon, 3 packs with following:

    Pack 1 - John Clay RC (Wisconsin RB) #56/999 & Base
    Pack 2 - Andre Johnson "Craftsmen" Jersey card - #12/299 (1-color) & Base
    Pack 3 - All Base

    Thanks and good luck to the remaining!
    Always looking for Bears legends

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    i got six packs here is what i got.

    2 base rookie cards / 999

    1 insert / 999

    down & distance tony gonzalez patch card part of number 47 / 50

    bilal powell ny jets logo rookie on signed card sp
    collecting rookies auto game used of hall of famer or retired players all sports.

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    Got 5 packs here is what I got:

    Rookie NFL Shield Bilal Powell Rc! (954/999)
    Rookie Aspirations Die-Cut Deandre McDaniel Rc! (13/98)
    Legends of the Fall Red Chad Johnson (27/49)
    Elite Hit List Asante Samuel (298/999)

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    Got 6 packs

    Rookie Helmet logo /999 Randall Cobb
    rc /999 Adrian Clayborn
    TOTC auto Leonard Hankerson
    TOTC auto Niles Paul (Might be PC since he played at Nebraska)
    In College, but still trying to make some trades here and there.
    M I N N E S O T A - V I K I N G S - C O L L E C T O R

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