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    2010-2011 Minor League team sets

    If anyone picks up any of the 2009-2012 minor league team sets from Grandstand, Choice or DAV, we would be greatly interested in checklist information for those so we can add them to the Inventory Manager.

    Also, we are missing a lot of checklists from 2008, so any help there would be greatly appreciated.
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    Hi: I'm Also looking for Minor League BB Checklist also... Maybe we can help each other out... I've been Databasing them in the Card Collector program. Here's a little info your looking for on 2010 sets, Batavia Muckdogs Choice, Brooklyn Cyclones Team Issue, Hudson Valley Grandstand, New York-Penn League Prospects Choice. Hope to hear back from you.. You can also email me direct at . DO hope we can help each other. I've bought 20 plus sets for 2011.. Chat soon with you.


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    Thanks for the response, I need to add a new post with the list of 2011 sets. So far, I've only added sets for Huntsville, Durham and whatever DAV sets have turned up on eBay.

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    Ok... Let me know... As soon as possible ... Starting to gear up for Hockey Season.... I get alot of Minor League cards signed every year, My Database is getting big.


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    For the moment, we need the checklists for any non-DAV sets aside from Huntsville and Durham.

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    I am new to this forum. I collect Reds cards and have almost all the Reds minor league sets dating back to 1976. The 2011 sets should be arriving soon. How do I submit them and what is needed. PS I am also in need of the Louisville Bats DAV checklists.

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    STB Sports on eBay usually lists the checklists for all the sets they sell, but unfortunately, they almost never include card numbers, so they're fairly useless to me. However, they do have the Louisville Bats DAV set listed right now.

    As far as the rest of the checklists, if you can just post any here that we don't have in the system, I'll get them imported. A format like this is good enough:

    2011 Louisville Bats DAV
    111 First Last
    112 First Last
    223 First Last

    2011 Louisville Bats Choice
    201 First Last
    202 First Last

    We're mostly missing sets from 2007-2011.
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    Yes, I have purchased all the Reds sets from STB Sports for the last few years. I bought the 2011 DAV set, too. As soon as I get the box down from the shelf, I will begin posting the older sets by year.

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    I see what you mean. Of the 5 2007 Reds minor league sets, only 2 used card numbers. The other 3 used the uniform number as the card number. If you want the Billings Mustangs, Chatttanooga Lookouts and the Sarasota Reds, I will list them in (uniform) number. That is how I sort them in my database.

    2007 Dayton Dragons

    01 Drew Stubbs
    02 Daryl Thompson
    03 Chris Heisey
    04 Michael DeJesus
    05 Justin Tordi
    06 Sean Watson
    07 Gerardo Cabrera
    08 Lee Tabor
    09 Donnie Scott (Mgr)
    10 Heater (Mascot)
    11 Jay Bruce
    12 Chris Valaika
    13 Logan Parker
    14 Tony Esquer
    15 Pedro Viola
    16 Jamie Arneson
    17 Travis Webb
    18 Marcos Mateo
    19 Jason Louwsma
    20 Jose Rojas
    21 Darren Bragg (Coach)
    22 Homer Bailey
    23 Justin Turner
    24 Juan Francisco
    25 Denis Phipps
    26 Jordan Smith
    27 Ramon Geronimo
    28 Billy Rojo
    29 Eddy Rodriguez
    30 Rafael Gonzalez
    31 Doug Bair (Coach)
    32 Gem (Mascot)
    33 Adam Dunn

    2007 Louisville Bats

    01 Homer Bailey
    02 Jeff Bannon
    03 Mark Bellhorn
    04 Jay Bruce
    05 Todd Coffey
    06 Chris Dickerson
    07 Phil Dumatrait
    08 Edwin Encarnacion
    09 Ryan Freel
    10 Richie Gardner
    11 Mike Gosling
    12 Jesse Gutierrez
    13 Josh Hamilton
    14 Ryan Hanigan
    15 Aaron Herr
    16 Norris Hopper
    17 Paul Janish
    18 Ryan Jorgensen
    19 Steve Kelly
    20 Jeff Keppinger
    21 Johnny Cueto
    22 Bobby Livingston
    23 Pedro Lopez
    24 Anderson Machado
    25 Gary Majewski
    26 Marcus McBeth
    27 Brad Salmon
    28 Tom Shearn
    29 Ricky Stone
    30 Joey Votto
    31 Dewayne Wise
    32 Smokey Garrett (Coach)
    33 Chris Lapole (Trainer)
    34 Gabe Moreno (Coach)
    35 Ted Power (Coach)

    36 Rick Sweet (Mgr)

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    These have been added to the system, thank you! Anymore you would care post would be greatly appreciated.

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