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    Does Anyone Have The 1990 Topps Frank Thomas Rc with NNOF

    I was just thinking all the years I have been collecting cards I have never seen this card. I am talking about the 1990 Topps Frank Thomas rookie card with the error of no name on the front of the card. If anyone has it and can throw a scan up I would appreciate it.

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    I have only seen about 15 of them. Most of them were at shows back in the 90's. It is a dream card of mine! Would love to see if someone had one on SCF.
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    Me to, now that Im getting back in to baseball I am thinking of all the cards I used to collect back in the late 80's and early 90's. I know most of those years were highly overproduced but there are still some gems I would love to have again. Never had the Thomas but always wanted one. Top 5 cards I wish I had never gotten rid of:

    1. 1989 UD Ken Griffey Jr Rc
    2. 1990 Leaf Frank Thomas Rc
    3. 1981 Topps ( I think) Rickey Henderson Rc
    4. 1983 Topps Darryl Strawberry Rc ( I was a big Strawberry collector)
    5. 1982 Topps Cal Ripken Jr Rc
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    I saw 1 at a show in Feb. Price was $500.00. Thats the only time I have
    ever seen 1.
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    I have seen 2 on eBay within the last 3 months.

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    Just becareful when ya do look for one its not the 2010 Topps Original back Mothers cards threw out. I say this cause back in 2003 I got a Ripken 1982 Topps Traded card for someone made the mistake and thought it was a 2001 Topps Traded minus the gloss and gold foil stamping and it was legit and I only paid about $10 for it even though it had 2 yellow printing marks on it was worth picking it up at the time. They lost my gain so becareful.
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    I bought that card at a card show when I was 15 in 1990. I was buying every Frank Thomas I saw. This dealer had a plastic case of about 25 1990 Topps rookies in it(Also bought 30 or so Score Rcs too). I bought every one of them for 35 cents per card.....well the NNOF was in there! I have no idea what I did with it...I just remember it because my friend and I noticed that his name was missing and just made fun of Topps making a printing, had no idea what I had at the time.....but that is the only time i have ever seen one in person. I have only seen a handful on ebay....very rare card!!! You live and ya!
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    I've seen some scans, but never an actual one. If I had a time machine, I'd go back to 1993 when the error was selling for about $3.

    A photo...

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    Thanks censored, I have finally seen one
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    Tons of fakes out there too. My friend has a psa 9 but hes a frank thomas mega collector. There really rare.

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