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    Typing up long list of cards?

    I am thinking of compiling long lists of a collection. Right now I'm experimenting with Android Google Sheets. It's kind of like a spreadsheet and I haven't figured out how to make this easy.

    I have Microsoft Word in an app but everytime I break down to the next line it automatically skips a line which makes the list even longer than desired.

    Anyone have suggestions of a simple program for an Android Samsung tablet or Android smartphone to get the job done that has unlimited character usage? Or maybe insight that would help me with the above mentioned programs?

    Google Sheets

    Word failed attempt
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    Don't really have any experience with a smartphone or tablet but have you tried Open Office Writer? It is basically an open source (free) version of Microsoft Word so if you like Word but are having problems with it maybe this would solve it.
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    you can manipulate he spacing on word quite easily.

    go to the line and paragraph spacing symbol. it is 15 symbols over from bold. click on it and go to line spacing options. about half way down you will see line spacing. make your points 0 for before and after, and the line spacing single.
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