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    Movies that shouldn't have been made.

    I know this is an old one but with hbo showing it constantly I finally have to comment. Yes the movie is The Hurricane starring Denzel Washington, this movie basically glorifies a triple murder mediocre boxer who was found guilty in not one but two separate trials. I also hate the fact that this movie changed so many facts to make him look like a saint, for anyone who wants to know the real story just visit Cal Deals the other side of the story and you will see what I am talking about. Does anybody know of any other movies that they think shouldn't have been made I would like to read about them.
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    Disclosure and unbreakable. Both of those movies just plain sucked.
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    The new Ghostbusters movie with Melissa McCarthy and some SNL rejects. It hasn't even come out yet but the thing should never have been made especially with that cast.
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    White House down and Olympus has fallen are pretty much the same. Eliminate one

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    Sausage Party ... atheism evangelism at it's worst
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