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    Scruffy Nerf Herder's successes

    My first TTM success in over 25 years.

    Bobby Doerr
    Sent 2-20-2015, received 2-26-2015.

    If I get around to it I'll post some of my successes I had when I was a kid.



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    Welcome back! This site makes it really easy to get back into. Take care, and good collecting!

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    Id like to see some of ur old successes

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    My first ever TTM, circa 1988 or 1989:

    Will Clark

    It's still one of my favorites of my collection.

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    Yep I wanna see the successes from when you were a kid too. Nice Will Clark.

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    Thank you.

    I like Mr. Doerr's auto as well. It looks cleaner than what I initially expected given his age and some earlier feedback I saw.

    Here is one of my first In-Person Autos, Mr. Jose Canseco. I got this at a card show he was signing at for the whopping price of $6 in 1988. I wish they still had prices like that today.

    My first in-person was Mark Langston. I don't have a pic yet but will try to post in the next few days.


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    As promised, my first in-person autograph, Mark Langston. We went to Seattle in 1987 for a July 4 game vs the Tigers. We heard on the radio we could meet Mariners players at a nearby grocery store. We got autographs from Mr. Langston and a postcard from Dave Valle (who we had never heard of then). And then I told them I was going to root for the Tigers at the game. And then we got our picture taken.

    Here are the cards I got autographed.


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    Another of my earlier TTM successes was Mr. Shawon Dunston.


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    I picked up this Joe Morgan baseball today at the antique mall. It looked nice and was only $10 and will serve as a place holder until I can get his auto on a Reds card.


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