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    1987 Topps Project

    I have recently begun to work on the 1987 Topps project again. I went thru the box that I had in my room, and sent out to all the guys that sign that were in it. I now plan on going to Ebay and buying unsigned cards for the others that sign that I have not gotten cards for yet. So far I have 75 of the set signed, which are the following...

    5) Dave Righetti
    19) Matt Young
    26) Greg Brock
    29) Jimmy Key
    54) Bill Dawley
    66) Marc Sullivan
    67) Bill Swift
    68) Tony LaRussa

    69) Lonnie Smith
    77) Bryan Oelkers

    78) Tom Foley
    85) Kevin Bass
    98) Bill Scherrer
    104) Billy Sample
    114) Billy Beane
    122) Jim Clancy

    129) Rick Cerone
    147) Randy Niemann
    157) Danny Darwin
    158) Tim Teufel

    186) Bruce Benedict
    179) Bill Wegman
    192) Cory Snyder

    225) Mike Smithson
    227) Jamie Moyer
    230) Don Baylor
    248) Gene Walter
    255) Juan Samuel

    269) Cliff Speck
    279) Dan Plesac
    303) Juan Berenguer

    333) Ken Phelps
    336) Allan Anderson

    351) Gene Garber
    357) Steve Fireovid
    358) Sal Butera
    361) Mark Thurmond

    369) Brian Dayett
    371) Mark Eichhorn
    372) Jerry Mumphrey
    379) John Russell

    391) Jay Howell
    394) Mike Bielecki
    401) Billy Jo Robidoux
    407) Jim Acker
    423) Jaime Cocanower
    424) Chris Speier
    428) Bruce Bochy
    429) Tim Pyznarski

    443) John Felske
    447) Bill Almon

    451)Joe Sambito
    453) Scott Terry
    454) Luis Salazar

    470) Dave Dravecky
    487) Dave Gumpert
    525) Phil Bradley

    544) Zane Smith
    563) John Stefero
    564) Larry McWilliams

    572) Pete Ladd
    586) Ben Oglivie
    618) Tom Kelly
    619) Jerry Reed

    627) Ken Oberkfell
    651) Benny Distefano
    662) Frank DiPino
    675) Ed Romero
    683) Gary Roenicke
    690) Dane Iorg
    696) Gary Lucas
    706) Rick Manning

    708) Scott McGregor
    709) Dave Kingman
    726) Frank Tanana
    728) Tippy Martinez
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    If you have a list of cards of the guys that you know that sign but you need a card to send to them shoot me that list (card #'s). I'm sure i've got tons of that base laying around and might be able to help you with some of those cards you need. I'd be willing to send them to you for nothing more than the shipping.
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    That is really nice of you! I'm working on a list and will send it to you when I'm done. Thanks again.

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    Please check my post for duplicates that I have available:

    Working on autographed 1987 Topps Baseball set:
    Total Cards in Set:792/Total Autographable: 760 (6 Checklists, 26 Team Leaders)
    Total Autographed:531!
    Currently Sent (Outstanding):107
    Percent Complete:69.87

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    Got Randy Niemann back today.

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    Quote Originally Posted by justinw182 View Post
    Got Randy Niemann back today.
    Congratulations! Just seven more to go and you can check the 10% mark off your list! Best of luck on the project. I wanted to pass a few tips that I have seen from others who are willing to take on such a large goal as a Topps set!

    ~I would tackle the coaches cards early as most sign well vs the players and with their age they are more likely to hit a stage of life where they will no longer be able to sign quicker than the players.

    ~ Getting the superstars when there is a window is huge on any project this big. I know that Boggs has been signing lately.
    Catch the stars during those windows instead of having to pay up in cash or in a trade later helps a ton.

    ~Make sure that you send requests with only cards from your set. I have seen a few guys that threw extras into the envelope trying to build trade stock and ending up with the cards signed that were not in their set and their set card returned unsigned. Should you really feel that you need a second card to build trade stock just send two from your set.

    ~Build a list of guys who have passed, but were alive when your set was issued. I have seen some guys thrilled to have found a very common name in a trade or in an online auction find that there would have been no other way to add to their collection. Seriously doing a search on popular online sites for the names that have passed on a regular basis might be the only way to run across someone like Gary Carter or Kirby Puckett! Always take a few minutes to compare to certified autos before you waste your cash though!

    ~ Make the choice early on as to how to handle cards with more than one player on it. Team cards for instance. Would you want to risk a autographed Gary Carter Mets team card and try to get Strawberry on it or just grab another Mets team card and get the Strawberry if possible and have two of that card in your set signed? Some folks would want both on the same card, some would be satisfied with either in their set and some would want a separate card signed by each player pictured.

    I hope that this helps a little!
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    Welcome to the club, I've been collecting set for 3 years now and I can tell you about 250/300 guys can be had TTM and another 100 can be had ttm with a little cash. Once you hit the 400 mark this set gets expensive. I send to every coach at ST and during the season in both MLB and Minors. This is a good way to knock off players as coaching staffs change pretty often.

    The hardest cards to get are Ricky Wright and Dick Howser. Be careful when buying cards on eBay there are a ton of fakes out there. Several other sites I'm on have informed that eBay seller Samsobo is forging several of the tougher signers.

    Good Luck and have fun
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    Three more came back today. Got John Felske, Larry McWilliams and Phil Bradley.

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    Got Tim Pyznarski and Jim Acker the other day.

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    Have added Ken Schrom, Paul Zuvella,Darren Daulton, Charles Hudson, Scott Fletcher, Bobby Witt and Jay Tibbs.
    2013 Nascar Press Pass Set 96/100
    1987 Topps Baseball Set 77/792

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