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    Coltsfanatic09's TTM successes and fails!

    Hello everyone! I am very new to this board but not new to TTM's. I sent out my first TTM on 5-22-10! This will be my thread for all the TTM's I send out and receive, if you see someone's address you need let me know and if you have some you think I would like let me know as well! I only send to current and former Colt's and Notre Dame players and coaches! So here we go, last week only saw one return:

    Stanley Morgan - 1/1 - 389 days! Former Colt's WR!

    sent out this week:

    D'Qwell Jackson
    Zach Martin
    TJ Jones
    Tony Rice
    Darius Butler

    Thanks for taking a look!

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    No successes lately. This week I sent to:

    Ben Koyack
    Mike Vanderjagt
    Donte Moncrief

    Thanks for taking a look!

    Colts Fan 4-life
    I collect all Colts and Notre Dame Cards (must be in their Colts or ND uniform)
    Addicted to TTM's, (176-204)(86% return success)
    Also collect: Jeff Samardzija, Jeff Gordon, Jimmy Howard and have a unique NFL Draft Bust collection(That's Right)!!!

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