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    Snuff- Slipknot
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    Any song on any of the 3 real Blind Melon albums

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    I remember when I was in high school my favorite song was Alwayz into Something by N.W.A.
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    Quote Originally Posted by andrewhoya View Post
    Hahaha why?
    my dad sings it in the car whenever its on which has caused me to automatically dislike it

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    I'm a huge hip-hop head, and it's impossible to pick 100 favorite songs for me, let alone one.

    But out of the other genres I touch on, I gotta go with Nutshell - Alice In Chains. It's just a perfect song.

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    never heard of most of these guys/girls/groups

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    Anything by Led Zeppelin, Metallica or Stevie Ray Vaughn

    Lately I've been listening to Since I've Been Loving You and enjoying Jimmy's guitar licks a little more each time :-)
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    Listen to everything from Blues to Metal but have to go with Yellow Ledbetter - Pearl Jam

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    Try not to get dust in your eye. Add to favorites.
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