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    How to TTM Canada

    Could someone explain how to send to Canada and what the costs are. I send mostly 8x10 and cards.

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    I've never sent an 8x10, but for cards it is the same process, except you need 2 forever stamps instead of 1 on the outgoing envelope, and you either need IRC (international reply coupons?) which you can get at the post office, Canadian stamps, or you can send US dollars with your sase. I do the last one and send $2 for return postage.

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    You actually need a Global stamp ($1.15 postage) on the outgoing envelope. (that is for letter sized envelopes up to 1 ounce) International reply coupons are rarer than unicorn farts...most P.O.s quit supplying them some time ago. As for the return envelope, you could try to send cash to cover the return shipping, or if it is a current player you can use US postage in hopes that the player will mail it in the States.

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    My rule of thumb is double postage, but I don't send 8x10's to Canada, just cards. This is what I buy.

    One of these is used to send a card in a PWE, so I guess you can work off that.
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    When I send cards to Canada I use two US forever stamps on each envelope.
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