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    NHL Hockey Puck Project

    I am going to be doing a TTM Hockey Puck Project for all of the NHL Teams Past and Present. Any advice would help like should I send a Sliver Sharpie or should I use Sliver Paint Pins? I already have a list some Players who are Retired and some who are Currently Playing.
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    I've sent out n received 4 pucks recently. I always send a Silver Metallic Sharpie and have never had any issue. All the pucks look great! They cost $2.97 for a 2 pack at Walmart. Please note that if you send to Brett Hull, don't expect to get the sharpie back lol

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    I have sent out 4 or 5 pucks as well recently, all with either Silver, Gold or Bronze metallic sharpies. Got back 3 so far, and all look good signed with the sharpies. But I have not gotten back any of the sharpies I sent. I sent a silver sharpie with a 8x10 to Dirk Nowitzki and didnt get that sharpie back either.

    Funny when I send a baseball with a bic blue pen that I paid about 10 cents for and say no need to return pen, I get the pens back. But the sharpies that I would like to get back, I dont. But if I am going to get a autograph from the guy, no big deal if I lose the sharpie.

    I have gotten on a few different occasions 4 pack of metallic sharpies on sale at Staple for 5.00.

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    I've had good success w/ metallic sharpies on pucks IP. Only used gold and bronze however.

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    Ok thanks for the advice Office Depot has a sale on Sliver Metallic Sharpies 4 to a pack for 4 dollars not a bad deal. Its funny that you guys said that when I was doing baseballs last year I would never get any of the bic blue pens I send out back but that's ok. I will be posting all of the success I get on this Thread. Also does anyone have a good place to get Team Hockey Pucks from and what Players have you gotten. Thanks again

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    I've never sent pucks, but I know that Ted Lindsay, Bobby Hull, Johnny Bower, Guy Lafleur, Johnny Bucyk, and Ed Giacomin all sign well for the Original 6. All HOF too.

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    I've gotten Brett Hull, Bobby Hull, Mike Eruzione, and Chris Chelios. All returned, all look great. Only Chelios returned the Sharpie lol

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    So it begins I sent off my first three Pucks today. Let me know what you guys think?
    Gordie Howe-Hartford Whalers
    Chris Chelios-Atlanta Thrashers
    Brad Richards-Tampa Bay Lighting I know very hard to get TTM I sent a real good letter hoping for the best

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    I've gotten John Leclair, Brett Hull, and Jeremy Roenick so far in pucks. I'm also looking to send out a bunch coming up. I have been starting out small sending out cards first to make sure I'm not wasting my money by sending the puck. I can't wait to see Mike Modano and get a puck signed on Nov 7th in Toronto. Good luck!
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    I was thinking about getting John Leclair. What puck will you get Mike Modano to sign? I am a huge fan of him and would love to get him on a Stars Puck. Today I send to Brett Hull and Bobby Hull looking forward to getting them back.

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