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    Worth the stamps?

    Do you guys think sending to Manny Ramirez and Kevin Youkilis is worth it now that they're with the Cubs? Neither have had history of signing I don't think but I wanna hear opinions

    also, has anyone sent out/prepared to send to Yoan Moncada?

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    You never know if you don't try. I typically send to guys who have a decent record, but once in a while I will take a long shot or two, who knows, maybe they will. What is the worst that can happen? 6 stamps lost, not a huge deal.

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    No I know it's not a big deal just seeing if anybody knew something I didnt. I'm most likely to try Moncada since we don't know with him yet

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    I had heard that Manny sent a few back from Iowa last year when he was in the minors as a player coach. I tried with no luck and actually did consider dropping one out to him this ST and did not.
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    I've already seen a success from Moncada actually. The guy said it was from a "private address" and wasn't willing to share it though. Might bode well for his willingness to sign TTM in the future though.

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    Youk will sign through his foundation. I've got him twice already.

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    I tried Manny as well this year, still waiting only been about a week so far
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