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    Your best ip/ttm of 9/2014 was.....

    In our typical monthly fashion here is your spot to show off your best ad to your collection from the past month. I had a rough time picking this month, but Jim Tressel would have to be my choice. Please share what you felt was the best item that you were able to get in September!
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    Roger Federer TTM for me. Babette Beatty was a close second.

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    Pavel Datsyuk in-person

    NOT doing 50/50s nor consignments!

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    I had a REALLY slow month, only 4 autographs total. So my choices are pretty easy.
    IP- Jim Edmonds on an 8x10 in silver sharpie
    TTM- Mark Appel on a baseball
    TTM- Antoine Bethea on 3 different 8x10s. Sent him 3 different ones (2 in Colts jersey, 1 in SF) signed all 3 in blue sharpie.
    the only return I got was Bobby Doerr on two 8x10s and a 5x7 (he signed one upside down and backwards!)

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    Just started my TTMing again, no successes there.

    IP is Travis Lee; original member of DBacks '98 Team.
    Luis Gonzalez Collection: 878/3061 = 28.68%
    US ARMY: 2005 - 2013
    OEF-P: 2/09-9/09 & 10/10-10/11 / OEF: 9/13-8/14

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    Mine was dusty baker ip got him to sign my dodger poster which is up to 104 autographs and his 30 hr dodger bobblehead, second would be Steve Garvey signing the same bobblehead baker signed.

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    Super slow month for me.

    Mine would be Troy Tulowitzki on a 14 A&G
    Im not a sophisticated knowledge person

    Collecting anything Miguel Cabrera, Nolan Arenado and Calvin Johnson

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    Had a slow September compared to my 2 previous months. Here are my TTM highlights for September-

    Tony LaRussa (HOF 14 inscription) - ROMLB
    Kris Bryant - ROMLB
    Tim McCarver - ROMLB
    Peter Ueberroth - ROMLB
    Mike Eurizione - Team USA Puck
    Gene Wilder - 8x10
    Dirk Nowitzki - 8x10

    Im hoping for a lot more returns in October. I have 15 ROMLBs outstanding still.

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    I got some good ones this month but I think my favorite is the Shaq on a Miami Heat jersey.

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    I have not done TTM in years. But, as far as IP. Paul Molitor in Baltimore and Jacob deGrom on an 8x10. See my blog for pics
    Here is a some of my memorbilia collection.
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