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    What our your 2015 autograph goals?

    Last year I wanted to add some celebrity autographs to my collection and was able to do very well! Wonder Woman, Mary Anne, Two Charlies Angels and countless others made their way into my collection. Ozzie Osborne to Kenny Rodgers on the music side also worked their ways into my collection. I still chased many sports autos and was very happy with the results. I was a little let down as I did not do as well as I usually do with Spring Training and that is usually my largest mailing of the year. I also had long droughts where I did not mail anything out. In fact I have not dropped a letter of request out since before Thanksgiving. I am thinking that I may just set a goal for myself of 20 envelopes at least going out each month. That sounds simple and is actually lower than what I usually have sent. There are years where I will drop close to 300 out by Valentines. I may still have some large months, but my main goals is just to remain on track getting letters out each month. I wanted to hear what some other members of the autograph community may have been setting for 2015 goals. Are you working on a set that you want to complete. Are you going to focus on one sport? Are you chasing a certain number of total autographs or even just trying to land that one White Whale? Please share what your 2015 autograph plans are with us!
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    My goals:

    #1 add 30+ autographs to my dodger poster via spring training , graphing in sd when the dodgers are in town or free or paid signings

    #2 add 5+ autographs to dodger bobbleheads I already have

    #3 if affordable add one dodger game used jersey of a current or former player, then get it autographed!!

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    I have had back to back horrible spring trainings. I have about 30 players set up and will ship early. Really want to start nailing down anybody in a Yankee uni past and present.
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    #1-Have a better spring training than last year. I sent to a lot of people who had a lot of returns and never ended up getting them back

    #2-Get more in person autographs

    #3-Work on my Bible verse PC some more

    #4-Try and get all former Royals ttm. I did the research and found all the players that appeared in a Royals uniform and looked them up to compile a ttm list. Probably start with the '69-early '70s Royals first.

    #5-Work on HOF Football players ttm

    #6-try to get more game used memorabilia ttm
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    add more cardinals autos, added quite a bit this last year on here, but i want to start ttm'ing again. i have started to colorize photos and make cards so i might send a few out
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    Get more cardinals autographs and have a better ST ttm than last year.
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    Since I'm just starting with TTM, my goals are to have decent successes with this. I sent 3 out today, and have another 20 waiting for letters and those will be sent out.

    I am going through my Indians card collection and hitting everyone with 80% success rate or higher and sending out, once I'm done with retired players, I'll move on to Cavs and Browns retired players. Current players will be last, and then moving on to other teams. No real goal set as to how many I send out a month with my retired players, I just do them in my spare time while I'm sitting in front of the tube.

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    To actually send out stuff this year. I procrastinated too much last year and didn't send any out after having decent success two years ago.

    I'd also like to attend more in person signings.
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    My goal is to expand from cards to pucks and mini hockey helmets.
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    my goal is to start getting into Baseball TTMs. I mainly have been doing Football so I want to start branching out

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