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    If anybody would like some custom cards or photos for cut autographs made just PM me and I can let you know the price. I have been making a lot of custom 8x10 and 5x7 cut autos lately. I will design the art and once payment is received I send you the high resolution file and you can print them.

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    Here is my first attempt at a booklet card. I think this turned out quite well.

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    Awesome work!! I have been working on a booklet card for a little while I hope to have it completed soon. It will feature 6 autographs......hopefully!

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    A six autograph booklet would be awesome. I can't wait to see how it turns out. These booklets are a lot of work. I found that instead of using those thick dummy cards that you get in packs it's easier to just glue a couple regular cards together to get the thickness and then glue your design to those. Sometimes those dummy cards are cut weird and your designed card doesn't line up properly.

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    Thanks for the great custom design for my art cards. I highly recommend using lilmezzy for your next custom project.

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    I'm glad you liked the card design Size17shoes. It will be cool to see the finished product. Thanks again for the business.

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    The bridge is a great touch, interested in seeing what other cities would look like! Impressive work as always.
    I can and would love to make some customs for you! Just PM me and we can discuss what you'd like!
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