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    Since the Super Bowl is between the 49ers and Ravens I came up with a Ray Lewis card as well.

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    I was able to make some cuts this weekend. I made a Ripken family 11x14 using a cut from an autographed book signed by Cal Ripken Jr. and trading card autographed by Billy Ripken and a trading card autographed by Cal Sr. The Larry Flynt is a 5x7 autographed dollar bill cut. The Abdul Jabbar is a cut index card in a 5x7. Then I also made a Tony Stewart and Danica Patrick 11x14 design that incorporates autographed cut sheet metal.

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    wow! i am in awe of your talent. those cuts are remarkable!

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    Thanks Bryan. I really like how some of the cuts turn out. My picture taking doesn't do the designs any justice. I like to do 8x10 cuts or larger because they make index cards and such a lot more interesting.

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    How did you print them? The quality looks great

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    I get my stuff printed at Office Depot. I have them print them on 100lb Xerox matte finish paper. Even though it's a matte finish, they look pretty glossy. The paper absorbs the ink really well so they turn out amazing. Plus it is really cheap to print there. To print all those pictures with my cut autos only cost around $6. That's not bad considering some of them are printed on 11x17 paper. I also usually print duplicates on most of them in case I mess up on the auto cut windows.

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    I really like the cuts. Good job man.

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    Thanks Muliano! I can't wait to finish my Harmon Killebrew cut auto and commemorative patch booklet card.

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