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    Baseball HOFer's gu & auto's for trade and/or sale

    All of the baseball HOFer's listed below are available for trade and/or sale. If buying, I accept cash,check, or postal money order. If trading, I'm mainly looking for Orioles and baseball HOFer's gu and auto's that I need (I may consider others that make good trade bait), and "vintage" Orioles (1954 through 1970). NOTE - I don't have scans. Here is what I have available --- --- as of 10/24/14

    Alomar, Roberto - 2011 TOPPS 60 Memorabilia bat

    Alston, Walter - 2003 SP Leg. Cuts Historic Swatches #J-WA1 jersey #ed 006/150

    Aparicio, Luis - 2003 Flair Greats Cut of History jersey (have two, one has creases at 2 corners of the jersey)

    Bench, Johnny - 2001 UD HOFer's #B-JBe bat

    Boggs, Wade - 2002 Leaf Game Col. #WB-B bat

    Campanella, Roy - 2007 Sweet Spot Classic #CM-RO uniform

    Carlton, Steve - 2004 SP Leg. Cuts Leg. Swatches #LSW-SC bat --- 2006 SP Leg. Cuts Chronology #BC-SC bat

    Cepeda, Orlando - 2003 Topps Gallery ART #AR OC bat (have two)

    Dawson, Andre - 2005 UD Classics Classic Mat. jersey

    Doerr, Bobby - 8x10 glossy black&white auto'ed photo with COA

    Eckersley, Dennis - 2009 SP Leg. Cuts Leg. Mem. #LM-DE2 uniform #ed 049/100

    Fisk, Carlton - 2001 UD HOFer's #B-CF bat - 2008 Sweet Spot Sweet Swatch Mem. #SS-CF uniform

    Fox, Nellie - 2004 Don. Throwback Threads Century Col. #CC-62 bat #ed 153/250

    Gwynn, Tony - 2007 Sweet Spot Classic (1)#CM-GW uniform and (2)#CM-TG bat --- 2005 Playoff Absolute Mem. Team Quads #TQ-64 uniform w/gu's of Joe Carter/Trevor Hoffman/Brian Lawrence #ed 066/100 --- 2005 Don. L&L Hitters #HI-21 bat #ed 003/100 --- 2008 Don. Threads Century Stars #CS-6 uniform #ed 083/100 --- 2001 SP Auth. Cooperstown Calling #CC-TG jersey w/stripe --- 2005 UD Baseball Heroes #82 green jersey #ed 35/99

    Herzog, Whitey - 2013 Leaf Sports Heroes #BA-WH1 auto

    Hunter, "Catfish" - 2004 SP Leg. Cuts Sig. Swatches #SS-CH pants

    Killebrew, Harmon - 2007 SP LEG. CUTS Stitch in Time uniform

    Maddux, Greg - 2002 Topps 206 #TR-GM mini jersey(small creases at top corners of the jersey)

    McCovey, Willie - 2001 SP LEG. Cuts #B-WMc bat

    Molitor, Paul - 2006 SP Leg. Cuts Leg. Mat. #LM-PM bat #ed 105/199

    Morgan, Joe - 2011 TOPPS 60 Memorabilia bat

    Murray, Eddie - 2002 Don. DK Diamond Cut Col. #DC-85 bat #ed 333/500 --- 2002 Fleer Greats Through the Years jersey --- 2003 Fleer Fall Classic #LC/EM2

    Musial, Stan - 2003 Topps Chrome Record Breakers #RBCR-SM refractor uniform

    Niekro, Phil - 2003 Topps Gallery Artifacts #AR-PN uniform

    Ott, Mel - 2001 UD HOFer's #B-MO bat

    Palmer, Jim - 2009 UD Goodwin Champions #GCM-JP uniform - 2003 Flair Greats Sweet Swatch Classic 5 x 7 3/4 card w/jersey (which is 1 1/4 x 2 3/8) #ed 087/335 (top two corners have damage)

    Perry, Gaylord - All-Sports USA Gaylord Perry Enterprises,Inc. on card auto w/COA - 2001 SP Leg. Cuts #J-GP jersey

    Robinson, Brooks - 2010 Topps Heritage BB Flash Backs #FSR-BR Memorial Stadium seat piece - 2005 UD BB Heroes red #8 jersey #ed 68/99 - 2007 SP Leg. Cuts A Stitch in Time #ST-BR uniform

    Robinson, Frank - 2003 Topps Gallery ART #AR FR bat --- 2005 Don. Throwback Threads Century Stars #CS-25 bat #ed 42/50 --- 2005 Topps Heritage #FR-FR Crosley Field Seat

    Sandberg, Ryne - 2001 SP Leg. Cuts #B-RS bat

    Schmidt, Mike - 2005 UD Reflections dual sig. w/Dallas McPherson # DMMS #ed 23/99 - 2005 Don. DK Heritage Col. #HC 18 uniform #ed 049/100

    Spahn, Warren - 2004 Skybox Autographics Auto Classics #AM-WS jersey #ed 308/350

    Sutton, Don - 2001 Leaf Cert. FotG JERSEY (has a small creases at corners of the uniform)

    Thomas, Frank - 2005 UD Origins #PB-FT jersey - 2002 UD Dia. Con. Bat Around #BA-TSTD bat pieces of Thomas/Delgado/Thome/Gonzalez

    Wilhelm, Hoyt - 2004 SP LEG. Cuts Historic Swatches #HS-HW pants --- 2005 Leaf Cert. Mat. Fabric of the Game #FG-57 jersey #ed 098/100

    Winfield, Dave - 2001 UD Decade 1970's #B-DW bat - 2011 TOPPS 60 Memorabilia uniform

    Yount, Robin - 2001 SP Leg. Cuts #B-RY bat

    Everything is AVAILABLE for trade and/or sale !!!!! Let's work out a deal, or two, or........
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    Interested in the Feller

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    Thanks for your interest. Feel free to make an offer and/or make a list of what you'd be willing to trade (my interests are in my original post). Also, I'll sell, if the offer is reasonable(include shipping).

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    Have these gu

    bell josh 11 topps throwback patch #tlmp-jb ORIOLEScarlton steve/santana johan 09 upper deck generations #gen-cs PHILS/METS
    carew rod 08 sp legendary cuts #lm-ca #ered 18/25 ANGELS
    jones adam 12 gypsy queen #gqmr-aj ORIOLES
    markakius nick 11 topps commemorative patch #tlmp-nm ORIOLES
    perry gaylord 07 sp masterful material #mm-gp RANGERS

    Quote Originally Posted by OriolesFan View Post
    Thanks for your interest. Feel free to make an offer and/or make a list of what you'd be willing to trade (my interests are in my original post). Also, I'll sell, if the offer is reasonable(include shipping).

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    Thanks for the quick reply and list. I don't really need any of those for my PC. However, if you want, I'll do the Feller gu for the Carew gu and any one of the others(your choice). Again, thanks for your interest,quick reply, and list. Have a good day.

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    Hey buddy,how much you need for this one.>Yogi Berra 06 sp leg. cuts mat.#LM-YB bat #ed 055/199.
    LMK and I'll sent ya some hidden cash.Jon
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    Thanks for your interest. I'll do the Berra gu for --- (1)$6 in a PWE, in a top loader taped to cardboard OR (2)$7.50 in a top loader in a bubble mailer.

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    Cool,I'll post it up and get the hidden cash in the mail today,Thanks Jon

    (trade ID# 467993 posted,please confirm and I'll sent out the hidden cash today,Thanks Jon)
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    Jon, thanks for the deal. Hope to trade/deal again soon. By the way, it has been confirmed. Have a good day.

    Anyone else want to work out a trade/deal today ??????????

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    Pcmb for this .... Wade Boggs - 2012 Topps Tribute W S encased #WSS-WB bat #ed 33/99

    If you see anything more than the BV of the Boggs, I'm also interested in Seaver Swatch, and possibly, would like to see a scan first of this George Brett - 2004 Don. Classics Membership VIP #M-18 uniform/bat #ed 25/25

    Autos -
    GU'd HOF -

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