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    Question about TTM Auto's from those who charge.

    30-35 years ago (wow, that seems so long ago when I look at it), I used to send for ttm autographs quite often. With great success I might add. Sadly as the years passed I have lost most of these due to various circumstances which I will not get into. As a new member to this site/forum, one of the first things I noticed was the large amount of attention ttm auto's get on here. I immediately remembered the thrill I used to get when I would get home from school and one of my SASE's were waiting for me. So I think I would like to try to recapture that pleasure. However, it seems the rules have changed somewhat. Back in the day I would have never considered sending a check or cash to a player, be it for them personally or for their charity. Not that I had any cash as an early teen. Which brings me to my question:

    If sending a request to a player who expects a "donation", to whom do most of you fill the check out too? The player, the team, or a specific charity? Or is that left blank, and sent with just the amount and signature filled in ? I appreciate any guidance on this subject, Thanks.

    Also I apologize if there is already a post on this subject or if it is in the wrong discussion area, as I said, I am new here and there are so many posts it becomes overwhelming trying to read them all.

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    I have sent cash on 5 occasions where a "donation" was aksed and got all 5 back with no issue.Just conceal it in think paper.I used bullitens from my township newsletter cant see thru it.Hope this helps
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    I have sent cash on dozens of occasions over the years in the $20 range and under. I've only ever had two issues, one with Whitey Ford, who kept my $$ and returned my card unsigned. I wrote him another letter to ask him what's up, and he signed the card the second time around, and two days later he sent me two more signed cards.

    I did send a check one time to Roy Smalley Jr. to his foundation that was never returned or cashed...not sure what happened on that one.

    I did get burned sending cash to Mike Schmidt, whose ghost signer kept it and sent me back a bogus signature.

    Typically, I would say you are fine for sending well-concealed cash with your request.
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    Im new to TTM. I sent out roughly 20 or so baseballs & 8/10s out over the last month. About 6 guys I sent to were known as guys that require a donation. I have sent checks to all of them. I check around a bit to see if I can find the charity name, if I cant, i make it out to the player directly. I have received back baseballs from - Jim Bunning, Wade Boggs & Whitey Herzog all with checks made out directly to them.

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