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    Matt Dominguez (Astros) TTM

    I was just curious as to whether or not I'll ever see the 3 cards I sent to him In August of 2013. I was really hoping he'll come through on these. Any thoughts?

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    ive gotten him early last season and it took about 2 months i think. he personalized them without me asking so im not sure if he does that with everyone

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    I got him back, took a couple months too, IIRC. He didn't personalize mine, but IDK.

    Hope you get yours back! If not, I have an Astros postcard I got from their FanFest that, if you're interested, maybe we could work on a deal for.

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    He seemed to be signing a lot TTM towards the end of last season. I just mailed to him today at Spring Training. TTM is your best bet for multiples since he was horrible IP here in Minneapolis in August
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    I sent to him through spring training two weeks ago. Hope to see something back.

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