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    alf7624 - TTM Success Thread

    Hello everyone,

    Newer member here, and just started doing TTM. Started 2 weeks ago mailing my first items out, and over the last 2 weeks have 16 Baseballs out there.

    Went with many safer bets to start especially since I was sending ROMLB out.
    All requests I sent a bic blue pen to hopefully help my chances of getting signed in a good looking pen.

    Here is the list of who I sent out so far-

    Baseball Players:

    Carl Erskine
    Doug Harvey
    Whitey Herzog
    Bud Selig
    Goose Gossage
    Tony LaRussa
    Bob Uecker
    Joe Garagiloa
    Wade Boggs
    Noah Syndergaard
    Jim Bunning
    Pat Gillick

    Jack Nicklaus

    Non Sport:
    Regis Philbin
    James Earl Jones
    Betty White

    Sent 1 baseball to each of the above including - Nicklaus, Philbin, Betty White & James Earl Jones. Been collecting celebrity signed baseballs for a long time, and hope to increase my collection using TTM.

    There are a few I feel like are pretty certain that I will get a ball returned signed, and a few that I am a little more questionable on.

    Will start doing 8x10s TTM this week or next sending out to a few people.

    Question to all:

    Im looking for ideas to send to Basketball or Football players besides cards & 8x10s? Baseball is great cause the balls fit in a SASE bubble mailer easily. Am I forgetting anything that I can send to Football & Basketball players besides cards and pictures?

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    On Saturday I received my first 3 baseballs back. Was pretty excited when I opened the mailbox and pulled out 3 bubble mailers.

    Got back:

    Whitey Herzog- He signed on SS in blue pen, BUT did not add the HOF inscription I asked for. I included a 10.00 donation, and now I am seeing more luck for people getting the HOF inscription when they send 15.00. Either way very happy with the return.

    Bud Selig- Signed on SS in Blue Pen. Super quick return considering it was sent around the All Star game. I would think that is a busier time for the Commish. Very happy with this return. All ready had a Fay Vincent signed ball, now I have to get a ball out to Peter Ueberoth so I can have all the living baseball commissioners.

    Regis Philbin- Very quick return as I am in NY and so is Regis, so only a few days. Signed from side panel across the sweet spot to other side panel in blue sharpie. Personalized inscription with- Andrew, All the best to you, Regis Philbin. I dont mind a personalized item, as I am a collector, and not looking to resell anything right now. I do wish he signed it using my blue pen, as sharpie does not hold up all the times on a baseball, and pen just looks better. But I cant complain about this return. It was great getting Regis to sign a baseball for me.

    Very nice day of first time ever TTM returns. Cant wait for more to come.
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    Great start add some pics of your success.
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    Very nice
    Instead of running away please feel free to counter offer my offers.A deal can always be made

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    2 more returns. Got Wade Boggs on Monday & Jim Bunning on Tuesday. Both were real quick, and look great.

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    I have a feeling this thread is going to not only be one of my favorites, but make me jealous that I don't have the ability to send balls out TTM.

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    Those are some very nice returns. Best of luck on your mailings and thanks for sharing them with us. I will give the fair warning the TTM part of the hobby is addicting!
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    Been collecting autographs since 1985 or so. I have a large collection all ready, but what the heck have I been waiting for to start TTM. It is so dam addicting. I know it won't last, but each night I come home to a baseball in my mail box, and best part until I open it, I have no idea who it is. It is great.

    I sent 17, and once I get a few more back, I want to pick up some more baseballs to send out a few more. I won't be able to keep up the quantity, but it is real addicting, so I'm sure I will slowly keep them going.

    Going to start some 8x10s TTM pretty soon. Got some targets I hope to get.

    Anyone have ideas to send to basketball & Football players besides cards & pictures?

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    For basketball you could send floorboards, I have also sent jersey numbers to a few guys, when i get them back I attach them to jerseys, cheap on postage and not too big of a risk vs sending a whole jersey.

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