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    2012 Collecting Goals and Resolutions

    Since it is that time of year what are your collecting goals and resolutions for 2012?
    Here are mine and hopefully you will share yours as well.

    1. Add a Topps 2012 On Card auto of Hank Aaron, Willie Mays, Sandy Koufax and Ken Griffey Jr. Hopefully from the same set.
    Add a to my PSA 9/10 Bowman Chrome collection, especially the players in my want list.

    2. Spend less on busting wax and retail (used all my luck up in 2010)

    3. Sell off some non PC items and turn those funds into PC items

    4. Get rid of all the base and commons from my past box breaks

    5. Organize my collection better and display my autograph memorbilia items and stadium giveaways
    Looking for: Gallo, Alfaro, Beras, Williams, Brinson, Guzman, Mazara, Odor, Sardinas, Buckel
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    I want to finish my team set of T206 Yankee tobacco cards. I need 3, one of which is already on order from Ebay. This includes all front variations, a total of about 28 different cards.

    I would like a Mariano Rivera autographed card.

    Only spend money on Yankee cards, nothing else whatsoever, and not much on new cards.

    Slow down bigtime on buying cards, i have been totally addicted to buying vintage Yankee cards on Ebay, and cant keep up the pace unless i rob a bank, which i dont intend to do!!!! Note i said slow down, but i would never stop.

    Spend more time actually pulling out my albums and slowly going thru them and really enjoying the cards i already own.

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    1. Focus more attention into my Braves autograph/game used PC.

    2. Pick up any new Daniel Hudson base cards and autographs.

    3. Clear out my extra base cards.

    4. Figure out the best way to organize everything.
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    Heres my list of the top 10 things I like to have

    1. Cut my baseball wantlists from 39 pages as of today down to the 20s or lower
    2. Cut my hockey wantlists from 38 pages as of today down to the 20s or lower as well
    3. Find some nice people to join the circle of trading with me
    4. Find some more odd-ball or great deal on boxes that someone might have singles of to have sets of
    5. Try before the National Convention in Baltimore to have be down from 43 as of today to about 25 or less of my 1967 Topps wants
    6. At the National Convention be able to get some nice deals and continue my insiding reports on the companies and meet some new fellow SCFers that never met but traded with me in the past(yeah I am talking about ya Spuds1961!!!!! *lol*)
    7. Be able to find a cheap case to split with Loqtus at the National that has stuff we both like.
    8. Get about 3 more players or ex-players to join my page of people I met and get their reactions to my page.
    9. Hope John Rogers can get the green light to continue on the Charles Conlon Collection and hires me to do some backs information.
    10. Be able to reach the 200 feedback level before the National.
    Those are my goals for this up coming year and I am hoping that I can achieve all these.
    "Any ballplayer that doesn't sign Autographs for little kids Ain't an American. He is a Communist"-Rogers Hornsby on Signing an Autograph as a Manager in 1942 with the St. Louis Browns.


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    I don't guess I have many collection oriented goals for 2012. I never manage to achieve many of them when I do make them. My collection will progress without specific goals.

    With the demise of the modern listings of the Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards, and with Beckett's constant downsizing, the task of documenting and promoting the hobby, now more than ever, falls on the collectors themselves. So this year, I just want to focus more on my blog and research and filling out the baseball section of the Inventory Manager here (and any other online baseball card database sites I can find).

    I hope to further document and raise awareness of the obscure and internationally produced sets. Hopefully I can in some way assist Arturo Arellano in his quest to better establish the baseball card hobby in Mexico. And I hope to find someone from Venezuela I can correspond with about the hobby there (and possibly see about importing lots and lots of Venezuelan cards into the US market).

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    Here are my baseball goals for the upcoming year,

    1. Hit 200 different cards in my Felix Hernandez PC (At 51 right now)
    2. Complete my Topps Chrome Rainbow and finish my Felix nameplate (Says "King")
    3. Pull a PC Auto/GU
    4. Hit 100 Trades here on SCF and hold 100% Feedback
    5. Get my first Non-Printing Plate 1/1 for my PC

    Cool thread!
    Felix for Cy Young
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    In no particular order of importance, these are a few things I'd like to accomplish this year....
    Reach 100 feedback on the site.
    Get autographed items of Carl's son Mike from his playing days in the minors & his grandson, Michael, now that he is playing college ball for Vanderbilt.
    Achieve Supercollector status for my Yastrzemski collection.

    Good luck to everyone with their goals!
    SuperCollecting 3 generations of Yastrzemski's!
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    Carl: 556/3390 not including 1/1's (16.4%), Mike: 8/8 (100%), Michael: 10/19 (52.6%)
    Always looking for any memorabilia that I don't have to add to my PC!
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    i will be going from a community college here in town to living at a dorm about 30 mins away so im not sure how my collecting will be effected by that.but heres some stuff id like to do this year in no order

    1.get to 2,000 different cardinals cards
    2.pull a gu or au
    3.add more cardinal au's to my collection
    4.get some some art work signed by players
    5.clear out most of my 90's base
    6.add more of my collection to my ms database forms
    have 4349 different cardinals cards
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    1. Get to 7,000 unique Diamondbacks (currently at 6,807).
    2. Get to 900 Brandon Webb cards (currently at 819).
    3. Get to 100 unique Daniel Hudson cards (only 143 total I'm actually interested in at the moment, though he has more cards, but I'm only interested in D-back uniform. I'm sure 2012 will add to that total, so I might make this more like 125).
    4. Obtain (3) MLB Logomans or Lettermans of a Diamondbacks player.

    We will see how that goes.
    I collect all cards of the Arizona Diamondbacks. Super Collecting Daniel Hudson (D-backs uniform only) and Brandon Webb. Interested in everything from base to 1/1's.
    Current D-backs Totals: 7,399
    Latest D-back: 2013 Bowman White Ice Superfractor Cody Ross 1/1

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    While most of my collecting goals are hockey-related I do want to get into baseball a little more. I've enjoyed watching the Blue Jays the past couple of years and I hope that they continue to improve in 2012. I'd like to get a few good cards here and there of their younger stars like Lawrie and Arencibia, and maybe add a couple more autos and a GU of Joey Bats.
    Carey Price fan and collector!
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    Also collecting: Subban, Gallagher, Galchenyuk, Pacioretty, and many retired legends!

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