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    Who here has broken a Blaster Box of 2013 Topps MLS

    Looking for some input, noticed that they have 1 hit(autograph) at least per box. Good idea to get, spent $22 on it plus $8 on 2 day shipping
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    They are fun to break, but you should be able to get it way less expensive than that. Let me know if you pull any real salt lake cards

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    I went for the 8 pack box a month ago ($10+$8ish on shipping with guaranteed hit):

    And pulled Brad Davis Autographed Relic:

    I'd say it's worth it, and fun to open!

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    Seen them go for under $10 USD shipping on ebay. I think you overpaid, but they are fun boxes to break because you will surely get a few #'ed, inserts and the auto.

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