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Thread: Lizard-JD IP & TTM Requests

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    Quote Originally Posted by Riggs View Post
    very nice returns, just sent to Lou Hudson last week. yours turned out great.
    Thank you, Rick! Yeah, I think Lou may have liked the CIC - he seems like a good signer. Notice on TTMM that I sent to a different addy than Cory for mine...

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    Had a couple TTMs "trickle" in this week.

    Tim Harris, signed my 8x10 & sent one of his signed too.

    This is the one Mr. Harris sent.

    Brian Billick, signed 2 CICs & a SB 8x10 (I'll scan after I get a few more sigs).

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    TTMs for the week:

    Steve Spurrier, asked the "Ole Ballcoach" a question which he didn't answer but sent a personalized IC.

    George Andrie, signed 2 CICs (+$5).

    Larry Cole, signed 2 CICs & IC.

    Louis Lipps, signed 2 CICs (+$5) & wrote weird note about signing photo paper...

    Kirk Cousins, personalized 2 CICs. Shocked by such a quick return.

    Bob Hurley, Sr. - signed 2 CICS.

    Richard Petty, the best graph in the business on an 8x10.

    Burt Hooten, signed 2 CICs.

    Pete Rose, couldn't resist buying from Insider Sports even though I have several TTMs from him. When are they finally going to put "the most hits record holder in the HOF"?
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    nice stuff as usual. wonder what the bad experience was?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Riggs View Post
    nice stuff as usual. wonder what the bad experience was?
    Thanks, Rick. I really don't know why he wrote that. How else would he sign and 8x10? Maybe it was the blank area of the card that he was noting - there's guys that don't sign a blank IC because of that...
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    TTMs kind of piling up...

    Julius Peppers, signed 2 CICs in 5 months. LOL - looks like everybody got theirs today...

    Rick Volk, signed two 8x10s and wrote a nice note on LOR & signed that too. I have already sent the 2nd 8x10 to get signed by others...

    Keith Lincoln, signed my CIC, kept the one offered & signed an IC.

    Don Bosseler, signed 2 CICs & IC. One of the first decorated (CHOF) UM players - still lives in Miami

    Gus Triandos, signed two 8x10s - took a while.

    Bobby Shantz, signed an 8x10 (already off for others to sign), CIC (he kept the one offered), an IC & answered some new questions I sent him. I write him (and ElRoy Face) at least once a year - great guy!

    In about a week I will start my favorite time of year by going to get my IP graphs for ST at Marlins & Cardinals field in Jupiter!

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    Love the Triandos. That picture of him with the regular glove and knuckleball glove is great.

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    The shantz is great! He has always been a true friend to the hobby
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    love the Gus Triandos return. Going to throw a request his way. Great returns as always.

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    Love the Peppers in a b-ball uniform.
    My main collection goal right now is to get rid of all my unwanted low end cards in an attempt to downsize. If you want to help me with that, let me know! I'd like the cards to go to a good home such as charity, the younger generation of collectors, or aspiring team collectors that want to build their team PC.

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