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    I'm missing:

    Regular Tour Autographs
    Billy Oatman
    Tony Reyes

    Signature Moments
    Mika Koivuniemi

    PBA Legends
    Glen "900" Allison

    Only specialty card I have is the Billy Oatman Silver case topper.

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    I have all those cards along with 2 of the duals. Might be interested in ???? Let me know..

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    Any Auto's with Cowboy's or players from Alabama or Troy.......

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    Nothing on the Cowboys but you'd have to check the FB section of my tradepage as I don't follow college FB and don't know who played for Alabama or Troy.

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    I'm an Avid Bowler and Love the Old Cards and Legends. I've met some those of those guys and even bowled with a few. The Set is Awesome, I don't have a lot of the Autographs... This is all I have to this point.
    Bowling Autos.jpg

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    I have another complete set minus the 2 cut auto's. Let me know if you are interested. It is a fantasitc set!

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    I have busted 2 cases of this stuff and am disappointed those cuts must be next to impossible to pull. I also only got one mark roth auto out of 2 cases. awesome set though

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