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    Been awhile again. Anyways, I went to the 2nd episode of the Vikings radio (and TV) show called Vikings Country. This year is a little different than when I went lat year. The is a new location, new guests (Ponder, Greenway and our center John Sullivan) that rotate weeks. This week was Greenway. Another thing that is different this year is everyone gets a wristband, 4 different colors, two get selected, if your color gets selected you get an auto (Last year the 1st 25 people got a wristband which guranteed an auto, plus the location was better).

    Well the new place not only had a crappy menu, but crappy service. I showed up 40 minutes early thinking I'd be one of the first 25, so when I found out that it was random, I was a little upset and nervous. The set up was also crappy and it was really hard to hear the host and Greenway talking (which wasn't the case last year).

    Anyways after the show they drew two colors and mine was one of them! They had 5X7's that they were having him sign. They were these cool black and white ones, but they were having him sign them in Black (they were turning out awful). I had brought some cards and a blue and silver sharpie, so when I got up to the front I shook his hand then gave him the Silver. As he was signing the pic I said "I didn't know they were gonna have stuff here to have signed, I brought some cards." He replied "I'll sign 'em." So I thanked him and pulled out my 4 cards (originally planned on getting 1 signed. He saw I had 4 and said "I'll sign two." So I thanked him and then left after he signed them. It was all in all a good night, but I got kind of lucky. I'm gonna try to go back for Ponder next week. And Greenway atleast 1 more time this year.

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    Awesome stuff; Greenway sounds like a nice guy. Love the Score cards!
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    Thanks! Yeah, Greenyway is awesome. He's known as one of the best signers on the team and is a fan favorite. Funny guy, too, he does a great job on the show. Last year when I went Jared Allen still did it every other week. He's too busy with his family now, appearantly. I think it may be a little more serious, next week with Ponder. I wish they had more of a variety of players, since it's every week this season, but it's still cool to go to.

    And I love the score cards, too! They always turn out nice, have good pics and the best part is you don't have to worry about rubbing them down and stuff.

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    Went to the Minnesota Gophers "All Star Friday Night" last night. It's basically there version of Midnight Madness. It's a little different though, because they have alumni and the Women's team join and also have an autograph both pre and post event (post event was just coaches Tubby Smith and Pam Borton). Anyways I made an absolute killing.

    I was a bit bummed that 2 former Mr. Basketball winners were there, but my printer faultered yesterday afternoon. With work and a lack of money until yesterday, I was quite unprepared. Anyways I still came away with a good haul. I had my grandpa come with and we split up and he got a Gophers Basketball hat signed by many of the former and current Men's team players.

    As for me I went from spot to spot (It was very dead, it was homecoming weekend, the (#1 ranked) hockey team was playing next door, there was a B.O.B HC concert at TCF Bank Stadium across the street and down the road was the Homecoming parade. Fortunately for me I went to the least busy event) just getting every player at each station I could get to in 30 minutes. First I got Elliot Eliason, the only player I needed still for my team floorboard, on my team floorboard. I then got Andre Hollins on an event program. Both were very nice.

    I then stopped at a couple of stations, on my way to Joe Coleman's station, and got more alumni and current men's players on my event program. Then I got to Coleman and finally got him on my "Dynamic Duos" Dual Custom 8X10, which I had Rodney Williams sign this summer. I also got a few more alumni on my event program, including my all time favorie Gopher MBB player (and a former Mr. Basketball winner that I had problems printing) Blake Hoffarber.

    Next I went to Trevor Mbakwe's station. It was my longest wait (15 minutes or so). I got him and some more alumni on my event program. I then went to one of the Women's stations just to get reigning B10 freshman of the year, Rachael Banham, on my event program. I also got the three other girls at that station on the program. Next I went to one last station where I got more alumni and current men's players including another former Mr. Basketball winner, Kevin Lynch. He was very cool and funny! I told him I couldn't find a pic of him from HS for my Mr. Basketball colletion, so that I had a pic of his HS's logo for him, but it wouldn't print today. He replied "Damn Technology" He then asked why I was doing a Mr. Basketball collection. And I told him that I just thought it was cool, but it was difficult to find pics of the older winners, like him. :P I then told him I was just kidding with him, which I was, and he laughed then jokingly said "Can I have my signature back?". When in this last line I saw Gopher alum and former NBA coach Flip Saunders go into the men's restroom. I yelled for him when he came out, but he just waved and walked away. I didn't feel like getting out of line and chasing him down, though. He played the big time role. All the alumni wore bball clothing, partook in the signing and stayed for the whole event and after (they had an alumni scrimmage and 3 pt contest), except him. He wore a suit, didn't do the signing, despite being there and he left right after introductions.

    After the event I got Tubby Smith on a UD WOS card.

    And Women's coach Pam Borton on my event program.

    Tubby Smith 2/2 Hat and UD WOS card
    Pam Borton 1/1 event program
    Rachael Banham 1/1 " "
    Alex Ionescu 1/1 " "
    Mikayla Bailey 1/1 " "
    Shayne Mullaney 1/1 " "
    Goldy Gopher (mascot) 1/1 " "
    Julian Welch 2/2 Event program and hat
    Mo Walker aka Big Mo 2/2 " "
    Trevor Mbakwe 2/2 " "
    Elliot Eliason 2/2 Team floorboard and hat
    Oto Osenieks 2/2 event program and hat
    Andre Hollins 2/2 " "
    Austin Hollins 2/2 " "
    Andre Ingram 2/2 " "
    Kendall Shell 1/1 Event program
    Joe Coleman 2/2 Event Program and dual custom 8X10
    Wally Ellenson 2/2 Event program and hat
    Chris Halvorsen 2/2 " "
    Maverick Ahanmisi 2/2 " "
    Kevin Lynch 2/2 " "
    Randy Carter 2/2 " "
    Aaron Robinson 1/1 Event Program
    Blake Hoffarber 1/1 " "
    Lawrence Mackenzie 1/1 " "
    Walter Bond 2/2 Event Program and hat
    There are also 6 alumni signatures I don't recognize. I'll look more into it in a bit.

    Going to the Wolves/Bulls game tonight, going for the Bulls in arena, bummed I heard D Rose didn't travel though. I may do the wolves as they arrive, if I can get my sh!t together in time. Haha

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    this is the best ip/ttm/CRAZY auto thread of my life. dude. i love following this. if you need cards for teams lmk and i'll ship them out to you. you can even keep them, i just want to see the autos! i'm a huge basketball fan so i can send you teams all day, just lmk who you're going to see and i can ship you base. i love this thread and keep going!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tennelson55 View Post
    this is the best ip/ttm/CRAZY auto thread of my life. dude. i love following this. if you need cards for teams lmk and i'll ship them out to you. you can even keep them, i just want to see the autos! i'm a huge basketball fan so i can send you teams all day, just lmk who you're going to see and i can ship you base. i love this thread and keep going!
    Thanks so much! It has been a great year of graphing for me, I don't want it to end. Haha I will probably have to take you up on that offer. My NBA collection of cards is pretty weak, actually, as for up until this year I mostly collected Football and Baseball cards, neglecting hockey, bball, etc. I'm trying to expand my collection more, so thanks for the offer and I will more than likely get back to you sometime this year.

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    Went to the Wolves/Bulls game tonight. I graphed the Bulls, with the main goal of getting my all time favorite Florida Gators bball player, Joakim Noah. I brought stuff for others, but he was my main focus. D Rose didn't travel, so hopefully when they come back in the regular season.

    Anyways got there at about 5:40, gates open at 6 (seems late to me, what are other NBA arenas like?). I got in quickly and went straight to the Bulls tunnel. I appearantly went to the wrong side of the tunnel to start, cause I missed Marquis Teague, Richard Hamilton and Vladamir Roadmanovicm, who all signed on the other side. I had nothing special for any of them (A Bulls License plate thing that I was gonna get people I didn't have cards for), but I went over to the other side of the tunnel, just to be safe.

    Sure enough after a few minutes. Noah came off He grabbed a guy's blue sharpie right away and signed about 3, then started walking in and right as he walked towards me I yelled down "Hey Joakim, can you sign one more for a big Gators fan?" (I had my Gators 2012 sweet 16 shirt on), he looked up and must have seen my shirt or something, cause he signed for me, then went into the lockeroom.

    While Noah was signing Nate Robinson also signed, but after getting Noah, I didn't get over to him in time. NBD. Nazr Mohamed was the last Bulls player to ome off and he ignored. I then went over to the Wolves side to wait for the scratches. Rubio, Love and Malcolm Lee were the scratches tonight.

    I only had a wolves hat (expecting to graph the Bulls longer and not being able to find my Wolves cards book this morning), so I got Rubio to sign that, but before that I got Wolves owner to sign my hat, too. He was really nice even talked to me for about 5 minutes. His wife was nice, too. I could of gotten GM David Kahn, on the hat, too, but saw Rubio coming, so I went with the better choice. I then proceeded to wait 30 minutes (missing all, but two minutes of the 1st quarter) for Love, but he never nor Malcolm Lee never came out. I had a program from last year, for Lee. As soon as I sat down at my seats (by the Bulls tunnel) I saw Love come out the Wolves tunnel. Bummer, cause I was the only person left and would have had him 1 on 1. :/

    (Rubio at the top, tough to see in pic, fine IP. Taylor signed upside down on the bill. Hat was previously signed by Anthony Tolliver, Lazar Hayward, Johnny Flynn and Anthony Randolph previous years)

    There was a bunch of Lync players there and former Gophers star Trent Tucker, but I had nothing for any of them. Funny non graphing story. When we were leaving we were in the same elevator as Lynx player Taj McWilliams-Franklin. We got off on the same floor, then found out she parked right next to us. We talked to her the whole time and she was super nice. Out by our cars I jokingly said I was gonna hit her car with my door and she replied "It's actually the team's car, so go ahead." Lol I thought that was funny.

    Joakim Noah 1/2 card
    Ricky Rubio 1/1 hat
    Glen Taylor 1/1 hat
    Taj Gibson 0/1 card (didn't see)
    Luol Deng 0/1 " " (same)
    Marco Belinelli 0/1 " " (same)
    Marko Jaric 0/1 " " (same)
    Marquis Teague 0/1 license plate (signed on other side)
    Richard Hamilton 0/1 " " (same)
    Vladimir Radmanovic " " (same)
    Nate Robinson " " (signed while I was getting Noah)
    David Kahn 0/1 hat (passed to get Rubio instead)
    Kevin Love 0/1 " " (waited 30 minutes, but he never left the lockeroom)
    Malcolm Lee 0/2 Hat and 2011-12 game program (same)

    Going back to the TC on Tuesday and am gonna focus on the Wolves, since I have no interest in getting anyone on the Isreali team we managed to get to come here.

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    K, sounds like a deal! Just lmk what teams u need and I will be able to get u a few cards hopefully. If u go to the wolves games a lot I'll try to get quite a few base of love, a k47 and Rubio, but he's hard.
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    Also sweet joakim Noah card!!!"
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tennelson55 View Post
    Also sweet joakim Noah card!!!"
    Thanks! It turned out great! I was quite pleased.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tennelson55 View Post
    K, sounds like a deal! Just lmk what teams u need and I will be able to get u a few cards hopefully. If u go to the wolves games a lot I'll try to get quite a few base of love, a k47 and Rubio, but he's hard.
    I actually have a good amount of Wolves cards and I haven't even got this year's team set yet. I am also gonna try to do a team floorboard, like my Gophers one, for them this season. I will probably hit you up for some of the road teams I go for this year, though. I plan on going to plenty of games and even trying to get into doing hotels and stuff more, although those are tough.

    What did you mean by Rubio is tough? Tough to find (cheap) cards for or tough to get an autograph from? I have a decent amount of cards of his, but I only got two from a pack and the rest I got off ebay for a crazy price. Haha And as for his signing habits, he's great. I'm 3/3 with him, since June 2011. He and JJ Barea are probably the best signers on the team.

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