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    klove will be scratched for a while so hopefully he'll sign more!!!
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    Here's what i got for the signatures when going to the knicks game vs the celtics. I can't believe what happened either. Melo, Amare and Tyson all didn't even come out of the locker room to shoot at all. Then Jason Kidd came for warm-ups, but didn't come out at all during the game, but i guess this is what the pre-season is lol. KG and PP didn't play either, but anyways here's the results for the day!
    First comes the 3 rookies for the celtics, all three coming from Syrcause. Fab Melo, Kris Joseph and Jarred Sullinger. I managed to get a ball and have them all sign on it! I can't believe that they all signed on one ball!
    Here's Fabs signature

    Kris Joseph

    and lastly the player who looked decent, Jarred Sullinger

    and here's the overall ball

    Hopefully they all make it big because they all seemed pleasant, especially Kris, but anyways time for the newly aquired Knick in the offseason, Ronnie Brewer.

    He was really cool and when i accidentally handed a card to him of his cousin, correy brewer, he was like ??? "dude, this is my brother, what are you trying to prove?" i was like oh ™™™™, my bad! anyways he laughed it off and was really nice trying to sign for everyone!

    Then there's the upcoming star in my opinion and i can't believe that I got his signature on one of his more valuable card. He didn't talk much, but did sign a lot of peoples autographs.

    Then there's this guy who also joined the Knicks and it was disappointing to hear that as soon as he signed on the team he got a dwi... anyways he's a hofer and is still playing at the age of 50 and the greatest white player, behind bird and tied with a few others, but will still be playing at age 60!

    Lmk what you guys think of my first game going for autos!
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    sullinger is from ohio state, but awesome successes.

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    Ah I forgot about that! Sullinger went to osu with lighty and a white kid who could shoot. I also don't know why you can't see them... Can anyone else see them or no?
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    I can see the pics now, idk what the deal was. Haha

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    I've got a couple adventures to catch you guys up on so let's begin:

    1. Yesterday (Fantasy draft after, didn't have time to report) went to a charity event the Wolves were having at Arby's. D Will and Greg Stiesma served customers for an hour and all proceeds went to a couple of foundations. I got there early, as did Stiesma so as he was sitting there waiting for D Will, I had him sign a hat (no pic). It didn't turn out well for some reason, even though it was silver on blue. Think it was the sharpie, cause when D will got there I got him on a card, silver didn't show up on the dark backround, again.

    I also got him to sign a floorboard. That turned out great. I really like his sig, too.

    Here's a pic I got of Stiesma whipping up a shake for a young fan.

    And here is D Will getting my order together.

    It was a cool event....

    Then this morning I called into work sick (personal reasons, not even sick). Appearantly the autograph gods took pity on my self pity and blessed me with a great gift. The Wolves announced a Brandon Roy signing on facebook, about 20 mins after I called in (around 10 am) at the Southdale Mall in Edina (past autos I have gotten at this mall AP, Will Smith (the actor) and EJ Henderson to name a few). After contemplating going for a couple hours, I decided to head down at about 12:30 for a 2:30 signing. Got there at one expecting a decent crowd. I was the first person there. No one else showed up till about 1:50 ish. The total crowd rose to about 10. Haha I went through the line twice and got B Roy to sign two cards, a promo 5X7 (for a friend) and take a pic with (Now my new profile pic on facebook).

    Pic with.

    Promo pic for friend (bad glare, looks good IP)

    Two cards for self. Love the way they turned out.

    With such a small crowd I wish I had brought a couple of floorboards, too. I could have gotten through the line atleast two more times than I did. Haha

    Next up: Wolves home opener on Friday. Gonna try for the Kings and the Wolves scratches (Rubio, Love and maybe one other).

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    good to hear kris joseph lightened up, he was becoming real jerk his last year in syracuse.

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    Swwweeeetttttt I wish there was A local team around me!
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    Ditch the silver Sharpies, pick up a pack of these:

    They carry them at Target; thank me later.
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