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Thread: WTB Frank Thomas

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    hey i have a frank thomas golden moments bat canary refractor /99 shoot me a PM if interested. thanks
    Currently looking to trade for 2010-2012 Bowman Chrome autos. I also collect the usual suspects. Trent Rich, RG3, LUCK.I have 100s of cards not uploaded. I can get a list upon request. This is my HOBBY not MY LIFE !

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    there is a 93' finest refractor i'd be willing to part with. Pm me if interested
    If there are any problems with the card(s) you're sending me I expect to know before you send it!!! I will not hesitate to send you a dead fishHidden Content
    Always looking for low serial numbered cards from the 90's

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    I have his 2011 Topps Update Cognac Aniversary SP if you are interested
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    Starlin Castro
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