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    My LARGEST Dime List yet! Baseball, Football, RC's, ect!

    Hey everyone. Looking to clear a lot of extra stuff out to get ready for the new baseball season. Everything listed is just 10 cents each. Just add $2.50 for shipping for 100 cards or less any more then that and it will be $5 for shipping. Looking to do deals of $5 dlvd or more. Please lmk what you are interested in. Thanks!

    2013 Bowman Platinum Ryan Braun
    2013 Bowman Brandon Belt
    2013 Bowman Matt Cain
    2012 Bowman Platinum Ryan Braun x2
    2011 Elite Jay Bruce
    2012 Topps Heritage Ryan Braun
    2012 Gypsy Queen Ryan Braun
    2013 Topps Ryan Braun x2
    2013 Topps 2012 HR Leaders Braun/Stanton/Bruce
    2011 Topps Ryan Braun
    2011 Bowman Platinum Ryan Braun x2
    2012 Bowman Ryan Braun x2
    2013 Bowman Joe Nathan
    2013 Bowman Nelson Cruz
    2013 Bowman David Murphy x2
    2013 Bowman Matt Harrison x2
    2013 Bowman Elvis Andrus x2
    2013 Bowman Derek Holland
    2013 Bowman Yu Darvish x2
    2013 Bowman Chrome Ian Kinsler
    2013 Bowman Hanley Ramirez
    2013 Bowman Josh Johnson
    2013 Bowman Rickie Weeks
    2013 Bowman Jordan Zimmerman
    2013 Bowman Melky Cabrera
    2013 Bowman Dan Uggla
    2013 Bowman Jake Peavy
    2013 Bowman Wade Miley
    2013 Bowman Lance Lynn
    2013 Bowman Shin-Soo Choo
    2013 Bowman Delmon Young
    2013 Bowman Jose Bautista
    2013 Bowman Johnny Cueto
    2013 Bowman Ian Kinsler x2
    2013 Bowman Adrian Beltre x2
    2013 Bowman Fernando Rodney x2
    2013 Bowman Matt Moore x3
    2013 Bowman Ben Zobrist x6
    2013 Bowman Desmond Jennings x7
    2010 Topps Jason Motte
    2012 Bowman Ben Zobrist
    2012 Bowman Matt Joyce x2
    2013 Bowman Yoenis Cespedes
    2013 Bowman Felix Hernandez
    2013 Bowman Tommy Milone
    2013 Bowman Mike Minor
    2013 Bowman Corey Hart
    2013 Bowman C.J. Wilson
    2013 Bowman Colby Rasmus
    2013 Bowman Jose Reyes
    2013 Bowman Brett Lawrie
    2013 Bowman Jean Segura
    2013 Bowman Freddie Freeman
    2013 Bowman Adam Dunn x2
    2013 Bowman Alex Rios
    2013 Bowman Cliff Lee
    2013 Bowman Jaime Garcia
    2013 Bowman Ryan Howard
    2013 Bowman Josh Hamilton
    2013 Bowman Brandon Morrow
    2013 Bowman Tim Hudson
    2013 Bowman B.J Upton
    2013 Bowman Zack Cozart
    2013 Bowman Michael Young
    2013 Bowman Jim Johnson
    2013 Bowman Chris Davis
    2013 Bowman Andre Ethier
    2013 Bowman Adam Wainwright
    2012 Topps Archives Drew Storen
    2012 Bowman Platinum James Shields
    2012 Bowman Platinum Mike Napoli
    2012 Bowman Platinum Carlos Santana
    2013 Topps Albert Pujols
    2011 Topps Andre Ethier
    2011 Topps Update Matt Kemp
    2012 Topps Jesus Montero
    2011 Topps Texas Rangers
    2012 Topps Texas Rangers x2
    2012 Topps Update Cardinals
    2012 Topps Opening Day Yovani Gallardo
    2012 Topps Opening Day Ricky Romero
    2012 Topps Anibal Sanchez
    2010 Topps Brian Roberts
    2011 Topps Update Justin Upton
    2011 Topps J.P. Arencibia
    2012 Bowman Shaun Marcum x2
    2012 Bowman Chase Utley
    2012 Bowman Nyjer Morgan x2
    2012 Bowman Gold Roy Oswalt x2
    2012 Bowman Howie Kendrick
    2012 Bowman Chris Young x2
    2012 Bowman Colby Rasmus
    2012 Bowman Dan Uggla
    2012 Bowman Carlos Santana x2
    2012 Bowman Carlos Ruiz x2
    2012 Bowman Cory Luebke x2
    2012 Topps Opening Day Howie Kendrick
    2012 Bowman J.P. Arencibia
    2012 Bowman Matt Kemp
    2012 Bowman J.J. Hardy
    2012 Bowman James Shields
    2010 Bowman Draft Cody Wheeler x2
    2010 Bowman Draft Leon Landry x4
    2010 Bowman Draft Kolbrin Vitek x2
    2010 Bowman Draft Christian Colon
    2010 Bowman Draft Alex Burgos x3
    2010 Bowman Draft J.R. Bradley x3
    2010 Bowman Draft Thomas Royse x4
    2010 Bowman draft Marcus Knecht x3
    2010 Bowman Draft Jake Lemmerman x3
    2010 Bowman Draft Chad Bettis
    2010 Bowman Draft Micah Gibbs x2
    2010 Bowman Draft Josh Rutledge x2
    2010 Bowman Draft Zach Lee x2
    2010 Bowman Draft Peter Tago x2
    2010 Bowman Draft Tony Thompson
    2010 Bowman Draft Vincent Velasquez x3
    2010 Bowman Draft Rangel Ravelo x2
    2010 Bowman Draft Mike Foltynewicz
    2010 Bowman Draft Blake Forsythe
    2010 Bowman Draft Ben Heath x2
    2010 Bowman Draft Mike Kvansnicka
    2010 Bowman Draft Ryan Bolden x3
    2010 Bowman Draft Chevez Clarke x3
    2010 Bowman Draft Jake Skole
    2011 Bowman Brian Broderick
    2011 Bowman Phillip Cerreto x2
    2011 Bowman Brian Fletcher x3
    2011 Bowman Kevin Rivers x2
    2011 Bowman Anthony Vasquez x2
    2011 Bowman Kevin Mailloux x3
    2011 Bowman Erik Davis x2
    2011 Bowman Sean Ratliff
    2011 Bowman Jason Hagerty x2
    2011 Bowman Matt Magill
    2011 Bowman Thomas Layne
    2011 Bowman Rafael Ynoa x2
    2011 Bowman James Fuller
    2011 Bowman Charles Brewer x2
    2011 Bowman Wagner Mateo x2
    2011 Bowman Blake Smith
    2011 Bowman Blake Forsythe x3
    2011 Bowman Michael Brenly
    2011 Bowman Kyle Russell
    2011 Bowman Gabriel Jacobo x5
    2011 Bowman Angel Castillo
    2011 Bowman Austin Hyatt
    2011 Bowman Sean Ochinko

    2012 Prestige Miles Austin
    2011 Topps Prime Ryan Mathews
    2012 Prestige Ronde Barber
    2012 Prestige DeMarcus Ware
    2012 Prestige Antrel Rolle
    2012 Prestige Brandon Jacobs
    2011 Topps Chrome Tony Romo x2
    2011 Prestige Tony Romo
    2010 Contenders Tony Romo
    2012 Prestige Tony Romo
    2011 R&S Longevity Tony Romo
    2009 Elite Tony Romo
    2012 Topps Prime Tony Romo
    2010 Absolute Dallas Clark
    2010 Topps Dallas Clark x2
    2011 Prestige Dallas Clark
    2011 Topps Chrome Marques Colston x2
    2011 Totally Certified Marquez Colston
    2011 Prestige Marques Colston
    2011 Topps Chrome Philip Rivers
    2011 Topps Platinum Joseph Addai
    2012 Prizm Santonio Holmes x2
    2012 Prizm Jermiane Gresham
    2012 Prizm Anthony Fasano
    2012 Prizm Beanie Wells
    2012 Prizm Brian Hartline
    2012 Prizm Pierre Thomas
    2012 Prizm Larry Fitzgerald
    2012 Prizm Nate Washington
    2012 Prizm Jonathan Stewart
    2012 Prizm Reggie Wayne
    2012 Prizm Nnamdi Asomugha
    2012 Prizm Marques Colston
    2012 Prizm Darrelle Rivis
    2011 Topps Chrome Jahvid Best
    2011 Topps Chrome Pierre Garcon
    2011 Topps Chrome Darrelle Revis
    2011 Topps Chrome DeAngelo Williams
    2011 Topps Chrome Brandon Pettigrew
    2011 Topps Chrome Ryan Mathews
    2011 Topps Chrome Joseph Addai
    2011 Topps Chrome Roddy White
    2011 Topps Prime Pierre Garcon
    2011 Topps Prime Vincent Jackson
    2011 Topps Platinum Roddy White
    2011 Topps Platinum Ryan Mathews
    2011 Topps Platinum Jonathan Stewart
    2011 Topps Platinum Santanio Holmes
    2011 Topps Platinum Beanie Wells
    2012 UD Lawrence Taylor
    2010 Donruss Sean Lee RC
    2010 Donruss Jeremy Horne RC
    2010 Donruss Antonio Brown RC
    2010 Donruss Kyle Williams RC
    2010 Donruss Dan LaFevour RC
    2010 Donruss Emmanuel Sanders RC
    2010 Donruss Taylor Mays RC
    2010 Donruss Javier Arenas RC
    2010 Donruss Anthony McCoy RC
    2010 Donruss Kerry Meier RC
    2010 Donruss Navarro Bowman RC
    2010 Donruss Ed Dickson RC
    2010 Donruss Jordan Shipley RC
    2010 Donruss Mike Williams RC
    2012 Leaf Draft Devier Posey RC
    2012 Leaf Draft Marc Tyler RC
    2012 Leaf Draft Dre Kirkpatrick RC
    2012 Leaf Draft Terrance Ganaway RC
    2012 Leaf Draft Matt Kalil RC x2
    2012 Leaf Draft Bernard Pierce RC
    2012 Leaf Draft Mark Barron RC x2
    2012 Leaf Draft Andre Branch RC
    2012 Leaf Draft Cyrus Gray RC
    2012 Leaf Draft Robert Turbin RC
    2012 Leaf Draft Fletcher Cox RC
    2012 Leaf Draft Isaiah Pead RC
    2012 Leaf Draft Dwayne Allen RC
    2012 UD John Cappelletti
    2012 UD Gale Sayers
    2012 UD Johnny Rodgers
    2012 UD Anthony Carter
    2012 UD Thurman Thomas
    2012 UD Jim Plunkett
    2012 UD Dave Casper
    2012 UD William Perry
    2012 UD Danny Wuerffel
    2012 UD Archie Griffin
    2012 UD Lee Roy Jordan
    2012 UD Ken Stabler
    2012 UD Rod Woodson
    2012 UD Chales White
    2012 UD Gary Beban
    2012 UD Drew Brees
    2012 UD Tim Brown
    2011 Contenders Mike Vick
    2011 Contenders Macedes Lewis
    2011 Contenders Kevin Kolb
    2011 Contenders Pierre Thomas
    2011 Contenders Anquan Boldin
    2012 Bowman Cedric Benson
    2012 Bowman Marquez Colston
    2012 Bowman Larry Fitgerald
    2012 Bowman Shonn Greene
    2012 Bowman Mike Vick
    2012 Bowman Roddy White
    2011 UD Saturday In Action Floyd Little
    2011 UD Team Tandems Doug Flutie/Bo Jackson
    2011 UD Brian Bosworth
    2011 UD Craig Morton
    2011 UD Bubba Smith
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    My wants are
    Want Jarrett Hoffpauir-38 /69= 55 %
    Also looking for these guys- Eric Hosmer, Salvado Perez, Allen Craig, Byron Buxton (Twins Prospect), Autsin Wilson (Mariners Prospects)
    I DO NOT trade by BV

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    My wants are
    Want Jarrett Hoffpauir-38 /69= 55 %
    Also looking for these guys- Eric Hosmer, Salvado Perez, Allen Craig, Byron Buxton (Twins Prospect), Autsin Wilson (Mariners Prospects)
    I DO NOT trade by BV

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    My wants are
    Want Jarrett Hoffpauir-38 /69= 55 %
    Also looking for these guys- Eric Hosmer, Salvado Perez, Allen Craig, Byron Buxton (Twins Prospect), Autsin Wilson (Mariners Prospects)
    I DO NOT trade by BV

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    Anyone tonight?
    Hidden Content
    My wants are
    Want Jarrett Hoffpauir-38 /69= 55 %
    Also looking for these guys- Eric Hosmer, Salvado Perez, Allen Craig, Byron Buxton (Twins Prospect), Autsin Wilson (Mariners Prospects)
    I DO NOT trade by BV

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