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    Bump it

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    50 Deals made!

    Congrats to SCF user egghead529 1 free current Chicago Black Hawks card coming your way soon.

    Help me reach 100 trades and who knows, you just might get something special yourself.

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    Lots still for trade, broke a couple boxes of 10-11 contenders the other day. Still haven't posted the updates yet lol just been too lazy. If you don't see anything you like ask me what my hits where.

    Mostly looking to sell or trade in lump lots for larger valued cards. I need to clear up some space so any help is greatly appreciated. Prices on my sale thread are not firm ones so feel free to make a fair offer... not $1 a card offers... Thanks.
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    39 Trades to go, help me reach 100 trades!

    2 Boxes of 10-11 SP Authentic added to the list as well as the hits from the 2 boxes of 10-11 Contenders.

    Scans of the cards worth taking pics of have not been taken yet, i will get around to it though.


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    Have a Seguin Contenders coming in from recent trade.
    Did you ever recieve the Zibanejad Silhouettes
    Is this something you would consider for a trade?
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    Collecting 2011-12 ITG Enforcers Fight Straps
    Upper Deck Young Guns and SP Authentic Future Watch Auto's
    Winter Classics inserts any year any set,
    OPC 1971-72 to present.(Bruins uniform only,base,inserts rookies).

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    hey anything else you need??
    i can use afew of your-11/12-spa cards..

    plmk either way..ok

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