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    My Sebastian Tefair Super Collection

    Hello Everyone,

    Since the day the Blazers drafted Sebastian Telfair I have been collecting his cards. I only collect his rookie year cards. I've completed many online trades, gone to shows and searched the internet dry. I've had a few come and go, most notably his 1/1 ultimate rookie (sold it for 1500!). I even got a chance to meet him at the Blazer open house. He signed a jersey and posed for a picture with me.

    In about two weeks (the 27th) I am expecting my first baby girl to get here. I've decided to share my collection finally for two reasons.

    The first is, well, I wanted to share it. I've always been afraid to because I didn't want people raising the price of cards on me. On the down side though, I've probably missed out on dealing with a lot of good people who have been holding on to his cards and be willing to trade/sell to me.

    The second reason is I am considering selling the collection. Not sure what it is worth. Perhaps a buyer in China right now? He is averaging over 25ppg there right now :)

    Anyway, Here is the link to the collection. Would love to hear you feedback!

    Friendly Shake Hands,


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    Very nice collection. I like how you limited it to RCs. I also got to meet "Bassy" in person once, and he was a very nice guy.

    Congrats on your baby. I hope you keep your collection though.
    - Andy

    Beckett Basketball Plus Super Collector - Spring '06
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