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    Works for me. Post it up if you don't mind. Thanks.

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    Do you still have the mccutchen refractor? Let me know


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    Just updated both needs and what I have for trade (12-20). I know it's poor timing, what with the world ending tomorrow and all. I've been out of the loop for several months but I have time to work on cards again. I'll be focusing on this set and the 2012 archives set as well. I won't have an active list for archives for a day or two. I would trade for any autos/black refractors/errors/ad panels from the heritage set as well but my needs are too many to list (basically need everything).. Thanks for taking a look. I know there were so trade offers I didn't reply to several months ago but I will be actively working this set from here on out and I will be checking my mailbox and updating lists frequently. Happy holidays - Jimmy Z.

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