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    New Member Chat Hour!

    Ok, its back! Starting Monday March 26th, 2012!

    We have brought back the New Member Chat Hour to take place on Monday Nights at 7 PM Eastern Time! This is your chance to ask any questions you may have about the site, hobby, or collecting in general! We will have a wealth of knowledge showing up in these chats every single week!

    These chats are intended for members with 50 or less feedback, but anyone is welcome to pop in and answer some questions!

    Oh, and how could I forget? There is a possibility to walk away from these with some CC or maybe even a card every now and then! I look forward to seeing everyone there!

    To gain access to the chat on Monday Nights, simply go to the toolbar up top and click live chat. You will log in by entering your username, and leaving the password blank!

    Any questions about this can be directed toward me or any member of the new Member Team!

    Super-collecting Jake Locker.

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    Hope to see many people there!
    Andrew Bailey: 192/240 not including 1/1's (80.0%); 206/436 cards including 1/1's(47.2%)

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    Never know I may pop in

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    Quote Originally Posted by patriotsguy View Post
    Never know I may pop in
    Sounds good to me. Everyone is welcome. Even you Roger. ;)
    Super-collecting Jake Locker.

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    This happens tonight! Be there!
    Super-collecting Jake Locker.

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    good luck
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    Hope to see a nice crowd!
    Andrew Bailey: 192/240 not including 1/1's (80.0%); 206/436 cards including 1/1's(47.2%)

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    Hello to all the new members!!!!!! Hope to make some nice trades with you all.banner says it all....GIMME SOME BIG RED MACHINE!!!!!
    ALWAYS LOOKING FOR 1952 TOPPS(creases ok)
    MY PC 234/310~~HIGH SERIES~~ 2/97~~ 11 EXTRA

    1980-81 TOPPS BASKETBALL (any size lot)
    collecting REDS,anything vintage ex/or better

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    For those wondering, click on 'Live Chat' at the top. Enter your username with NO PASSWORD.
    Andrew Bailey: 192/240 not including 1/1's (80.0%); 206/436 cards including 1/1's(47.2%)

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    I'll be there next Monday. I have a ton of questions. And another ton of probably stupid stuff to say.

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