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    Crosby 3 clr Scripted Swatches FT.

    I have this available...

    Its from 10-11 Cup, #14/35 and I am pretty sure the sale value is over $100. I dont know the BV, I havnt bought a Beckett in years.

    Looking for Yzerman, Eberle, Stamkos, Broduer or other nice RCs/HOFer autos. I dont mind trading for a few smaller value cards but I expect to get a little more in return if doing that.

    Thanks, Doug.
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    Cmb including my pc I also have a stammer patch /15 and sig numbers not scanned yet

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    Doug -

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    Hi there i have a victory base card of yzerman available.......... justkidding sweet card!!!! darcy

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    To start with...$(KGrHqR,!n4E9c+KocJhBPdn9mPgPQ~~60_58.JPG

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    I have a 06-07 Ultimate Signature Gretzky Hard Signed to start let me know if your interested
    Supercollecting Eddie Lack and Jordan Schroeder

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    Have these

    Have alot more if u wana check in here
    I collect :Sig was bigger than 5 lines .....uh huh
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    Sorry I don't check BUCKETS
    Please dont offer 20-5.00 cards for a 100.00 card

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    PM me a list of HOfer autos your looking for, I have many Vintage HOFer autos for trade, Thanks

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