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    FT/FS! Started collecting again!

    Whats up guys, im back after taking a 1 year break! I dont have my insane collection like I used to but I have some good stuff up for trade or sale! Everything in my bucket is ft/fs. Although some cards are harder to get off me than others. If we trade I am looking for anything really, just trying to get a collection going again. A bucket link or scans would be good :P. My bucket link is in my signature. My sell values are different from my trade values and I dont go by book.

    Thanks for your time and comment down below or pm if your interested in anything. (PM preferred)

    Collecting Matt Ryan Autos, Chipper Jones Autos and Derek Jeter Autos. Looking for a Richard Sherman auto
    Bucket- Hidden Content MY ALBUMS FOR CARDS)

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    Interested in your A Foster auto, Torrey Smith auto and N Cruz auto

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    Great interest in Yanks, Ravens and Celts.......

    WILL ONLY TRADE TO United States and Canada without prior APPROVAL!

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