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    For Sale: 3,532.00 card cash

    Listening to offers for cash.

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    How much for all of it?

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    I guess I was just going to listen to offers; not sure what the rate is.

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    Had to retract first offer.
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    Greengoblin- $12.00 sounds good. Let me know if you are still interested.

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    Is this card cash gone? If not, I am interested.
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    cardcasebreaks- Still got it. Send me a PM with an offer.

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    Hey, sorry for not getting back to you. I had to purchase a shipping label from PayPal and do not have that $12.00 any more. I can only offer $8.00 for all 3,532 card cash you have. If this is fine go ahead and post it up in the trade manager.

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    I can give you $10.00 if that works post it up.thanks
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    Do you still have it? If you do please PM me. I'll take it.

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