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    For me, all overseas shipments are 4.20 postage + tax when in a bubble mailer and slabbed on cardboard. My costs total $5.10-5.50 all in for one card to send overseas safely.

    I've actually had an eBay user neg me on shipping charges for this... But what can I do? Sure I can PWE it and no cardboard for less, but do they want the card damaged?

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    Quote Originally Posted by roaddogg02316 View Post
    Exactly USPS is inconsistent by so much. I went to mail a $3 insert to a guy in Canada using a small PWE as agreed upon. The lady hit me up for $3 shipping and wanted a customs form. All because it was thick. It was a single card in a toploader and I put index cards on either side of it.

    I dont even go to the counter for PWE's going to Canada. I just put 2 stamps on the PWE and throw it in the box. I havent had one come back this way so it seems thats enough postage to make it there.
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