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    CC Auctions live this next Monday, also updated the My Store search

    I just updated the My Store search page. Now from one page you can search all selling sections all at once or specific selling or buying section. The search is very similiar to how I coded the My Inventory section. Also in the sections part you can access a section in one click via the link and it will list the item per last activity listing the most recent first. Most of what I wanted to code in that search is done but still need to improve it a little bit like for sroting buying item as the sorting choice only work with selling items.

    Auction for CC ONLY will be open Monday morning. All testing went well so we are ready to oppen it to members to list and bid with CC on auctions.

    The way CC auction work, goes like this.

    When you make a bid of let say 5 CC with a 100 Maximimum bid and the item ask for 200 CC for shipping. !00+200=300 CC will be taken from you CC account and will be frozen into a SCF account until you are outbid or win the item. This will prevent you and seller to not get paid. This way one member can't bid if he does not have enough CC and this garentee seller they will get paid automatically by the system.

    For those who used the old VBAy app we used to have, we had a lot of issue with person bidding but not having the CC to pay for them. Now the application handle all CC payment and make it impossible for someone to bid if they do not have enough CC. If you made a bid and 300 CC were taken from you and you are outbid. The second you are outbid, the 300 CC are already refunded to you. If you win, let's say for 75 CC and you max bid was of 100. The 75+200 shipping = 275 will be paid to the seller automatically and you will be refunded the remainer of 25 CC.

    A trade is automatically created and since the payment is made automatically the shipping date is also set in the trade manager as you have sent you end and the seller side is set as completed since he was paid. SO the only action is to set the trade in the trade manager as completed once you receive the card and you will be ready to leave feedback. The seller will not be able to leave feedback until you receive the card because of how the trade manager work Since it need to be completed on both side to allow feedback. In the sold or won section, you will have a link to the trade created.

    If you have any questions feel free to post them and we will do our best to answer you.
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    Will we receive a pm saying we were outbid?
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    Quote Originally Posted by andrewhoya View Post
    Will we receive a pm saying we were outbid?
    A pm and a e-mail, both are sent. Eventually I want to create a preference page so member can choose if they want only PM, only e-mail or both but for now both are sent.
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