We are always looking to add more moderator into the ever growing side of this pound. The Inventory/Storefront need moderator to either add new cardsets correct errors and help member understand the application. We also need to build a new storefront team that would handle the store specific issues.

As we any site moderator we ask that you be in good standing with the site, 18 or more of age and being a member for more then 6 months. We will also need to add member to the dispute team eventually to help manage the flood the storefront could eventually bring once we go live with the real money storefront. So mainly we are looking to grow

- The existing dispute team that manage trade in dispute.
- More staff to help with managing the card database entering set and correcting errors reported to us
- Store front staff to handle issue with the store side of things.

Helping out in SCF is giving your time for free to help out fellow collector so a site like SCF can keep being the number 1 in is field and so we can keep giving always more tools to members to enjoy for free. Only the storefront will eventually cost something but we still intend to keep the fee under what the market charge all of us on other sites. If you enjoy the inventory, it's because we have dedicated member that spend some of their free time to help us enter the cards or because I program for free. This is why we are able to offer all of you so many free tools for you all to enjoy this hobby.

If anyone is interested to help us, you can send me a PM and I will direct you to the right person to evaluate your candidature. Let's just remember that we can only offer all this because so of our member accept to help us making it possible.