I and the Storefront manager reserve the right during the BETA period of the CC auction section, to either pull a auction before it ended or add a reserve price.

A seller listed four auction and then contacted thinking there was a bug. In reality he did not understand the pricing correctly and mix up the buy it price with the Auction start price. He listed one correctly and listed the other incorrectly. That tell me I need to make modification to make this thing not happen in the future. In this case I will offer the member to set a reserve price that I think is only fair since he made a honest mistake and because I feel it is confusing a bit the way it is presented.

I want all seller to have at least a chance at making mistake once and have us repair it during this BETA period to make sure to not deter them from using it in the future. I hope everyone will understand that we are in a testing phase and that we need to still improve it during that period so this do not happen all the time in the future.

Yesterday I ended a auction and refunded the current bidder because this auction got in via a big and still had a month to run. Auction should not run that long when it's a bug or a mistake made. This is why we do want to reserve the right to make decision on auction to make sure no one loose because our application is not obvious enough.