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    [quote=size17shoes;11478639]the other customs are 8 x 10 size, the antonio pierce is 2.5 x 3.5. card size. i was just trying something different with this one. added the border, removed the excess wording to create a signature area. i wanted to put the jersey number in the middle but i haven't found a decent font to use for the numbers

    By size17shoes at 2012-05-06

    Great cards! what's the name of the font you used?

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    thanks ! the font is called Ferro Rosso

    By size17shoes at 2012-05-07
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    Definitely like the border! but i think you should move the number down or make it a little smaller and fade it a little
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    What is it that you use to do these? Looks like it would be real fun

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    i use powerpoint. i tried to move the number down but it didnt change the spacing. i kind of like the 3d look of the numbers. bill said he liked that there was room enough to sign his autograph.

    here is another version:

    By size17shoes at 2012-05-07

    By size17shoes at 2012-05-07
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    Those are awesome though. Is it pretty much just how it would be on photoshop with the layers?

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    i'm making a set of players whom never had a trading card released during their playing days..

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    Oh, alright. But when you make them do you do different layers? Never seen anyone use PowerPoint for this

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    not really sure what you are asking. this is powerpoint i use and it is a slide. it doesn't really have layers. i normally use the comparison or two content slide for my designs. i normally start with the background slide, selecting one that isnt too crazy. i find the color i like and add an effect to the background slide. The background has a light space in the center so i increase the space by adding cloud shapes then kind of blend them into the background. then i find my cut , play with the satuation, coloring, etc. then place it above the background clouds. i place another cloud shape above the cut blend it in like the other clouds and raise it above the cut image of the player so that the player is behind the cloud. next i select a font for my text and raise the text above the background and lower cloud.

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    Those are amazing
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