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    Ohh alright. I was just wondering if it was just like photoshop where you made separate layers

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    like braveskid, I'm really confused about the powerpoint part. I can't understand for the life of me why somebody would use that... although you seem to be making it work.
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    i am not comfortable with photoshop or gimp. i use inkscape to make logos but that's the extent with that program. i've have used powerpoint for many years now with my years in college and the last year or so making customs. I am just used to using powerpoint. I downloaded Photoshop and was completely lost.
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    i have a new idea for a custom..should be up in a few days

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    Wow love the cards, man you are truly talented! Should make a card for Casey Matthews, would look awesome!

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    By size17shoes at 2012-05-11

    By size17shoes at 2012-05-11
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    im happy that you enjoy my work. i am trying minimize the use of logos but sometimes it cannot be avoided.

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