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    haha well I just have a few that I love that some famous college wrestlers have said and such

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    The late Gene Upshaw
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    You could make an Iverson.....quoting his "Practice" rant

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    I've been working on getting my own trading card company established. I'm applying to get a license with NFL retired players union to use retired player images that are members of the union. Thinking about buying the trademark to Wild Card but might go another direction. All I know is this what i want to do and I'm going for it.

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    You will have to do your own cuts and use photoshop... ;-)
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    Looking for sig on stickers on cards... those are the best!

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    not using cuts persay...wont be a traditional trading card size..more goal line art size.. i have graphic arts friends that asked to be a part of this. the subjects send me their own photos they want me to use. i give them input on the work and im giving them the final say on the card. i want the subjects to feel like they have a part in the design process.
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