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    The Avengers Film

    Anyone going to see The Avengers at midnight? Can't wait. Going to be an awesome movie.

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    Seeing it on Saturday, can't wait. It's been getting crazy reviews!

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    i actually dont care to, i saw iron man 2 and was pretty bored. toooooo much CGI, cant stand it.

    from waht ive seen avengers looks awful (too much CGI)
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    Just got back from seeing the movie. It was amazing.

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    I am going tonight. Hope I enjoy it as much as you must have.
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    I am not big into the super heroe movie but I guess I am going to see it with my son. I heard good things about it though. And who can pass on Scarlett in tigh dress...

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    Guys remember to stay after the credits till the complete end.

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    Going on sunday. I didn't care for Ironman 2 but that had nothing to do with the CGI. I don't mind CGI if it's doesn't look terrible. If the story is good, the story is good.

    Thor had a ton of CGI, it is a super hero movie, and it was a great movie. Captain America did as well, but the story was pretty boring and I didn't enjoy it as much as Thor.
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    Went to see the Avengers today. It was one of the best action movies that I've seen in a long time and my favorite super hero movie. I don't go to the movies much. This was the first movie I'd gone to in about 2 and a half years and I'd go back and see it again. I loved the way they brought then together and the last battle was amazing. Hopefully they can follow suit in the next one.

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    I'm seeing it tomorrow!!!

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