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    Quote Originally Posted by Pheebs888 View Post
    No, it was June 30th. I always run these for at least 2 months to get enough entries...
    Ahh now I feel like a fool trying to rush my entry before June.

    haha. Maybe ill do another.
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    Also interested in any 2009/10 Upper Deck GU or Autos you may have.

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    As I said, you can enter as many articles as you want, so go nuts as they say :)

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    Another entry: Hounding in the Heat

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    The winner will be announced this weekend and featured in the next issue of Collector's Corner which is out on Monday :)

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    Hopefully that includes the two I got in under the deadline, right? ::crosses fingers::
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    Another one: Disgruntled Duck

    JR: Yup if you got them in on time they will be considered for the prize

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    Another one for today, will wrap this up tomorrow morning

    Disappointment: the Life of a Leafs fan

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