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Thread: Pics for customs and for cuts

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    Cool Pics for customs and for cuts

    i scoured the web for pics of older players that could be used for customs and cuts. I hope they can be useful to you

    Jeff Nixon #38 S

    Bob Berry #17 QB

    Bill Glass #80 DL

    Bill Ferrario #63 OL

    By size17shoes at 201


    Bill Bergey #66 LB

    Chuck Bednarik #60 LB-C HOF

    Ozzie Newsome #82 TE HOF

    Herb Adderley #26 S HOF

    Nick Giaquinto #35 FB Dolphins

    Nick Giaquinto #30 FB Redskins

    Richard Dent #85 DE HOF
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    Bernie kosar #18 QB Cowboys

    Mark Gastineau #99 DE Jets

    Matt Suhey #26 FB Bears

    Y.A. Tittle/ Hugh McEllhenny HOFERS

    Mel Blount #37 S HOF Steelers

    Gary Kubiak #8 QB Broncos HC Texans

    Bob Lilly #74 DT Cowboys HOF
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    i went on the Getty website and saved a few older nfl images since the watermark was on the far right instead of the normal Getty Watermark. So, I will share them with all of you later today. Please feel free to use these and share the cuts on here. Went on the site today and the normal watermark is back on the images. I'm trying to get licensing with the nfl rrtired players to produce trading cards and photos and Getty no longer has the rights to the NFL. Associated Press has the full rights to NFL images now.
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