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    Forum Trading Rules

    Below is a list of trading guidelines/rules that we expect all traders to use when trading on SCF. Unless otherwise agreed to these should be standard for every trade. You can also always refer to the SCF Rules page for more general information.

    1. Please limit yourself to one FT and one WTTF thread (i.e. a maximum of two threads) on the front page. This allows as many members as possible to have their threads viewed without a single member dominating the prime viewing area.

    1a. In accordance with this rule, please refrain from bumping your thread(s) within 8 hours of your previous post. You may certainly respond to any questions asked by members in-thread if you wish.

    2. Cards must be in-hand to post a trade in the Trade Manager, no exceptions. You may post incoming cards to lay the groundwork for a deal, but please do not post a deal until you have received the card and verified that it is in proper trading condition.

    3. Cards must be sent within 3 days of the agreement unless Must Send First requirements apply.

    4. Traders must state the condition of the card if it is not NM or better.

    5. Members with less than 20 feedback must send first on all transactions. More details on the MSF Rule are available on the main rules page.

    6. Any off-topic posts will be deleted or moved to an appropriate forum as per administrator & moderator discretion.

    If you are having problems with a trade/trader:

    1. Use all means necessary to work the problem out with the trader. Please use the PM system as opposed to calling out the member on the open boards. This constitutes thread hijacking and is inappropriate for this forum.

    2. If communication with your deal partner has broken down, contact a member of the SCF Team for further direction. You may also put the deal into dispute, which will trigger assistance from the SCF Dispute Team, who will address the issue to help complete the trade or ensure the situation doesn't arise in the future.

    Please note that if you do not have a confirmed deal in the Trade Manager, the dispute team has very limited ability to assist you.

    For a list of items that may not be traded or sold on SCF under any circumstance, please refer to the SCF Rules page.
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    Thanks for the information. as a newbie I'm trying to learn the ropes.

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