I was at a yard sale today and picked up the following 2012 Bowman/ Bowman Chrome prospects. I got them and a Jimmie Johnson race used fire suit card for $7. I don't do prospects so let me know how I did. Willing to trade as well.
Bowman Chrome:
Xander Bogaerts
Ian Gac
Tyler Gagnon
Will Swanner
Tommy Joseph
Jesus Galindo
Andrew Susac
Paul Hoilman
Mike Murray
Francisco Lindor
Casey Haerther
Casey Lawrence
Matthew Szczur
Robby Price
Drew Hutchison

Dwight Smith /250 (auto)
James Darnell
Raul Alcantara
Nick Kingham
Robby Price
Nick Maronde
Leonys Martin
Clay Holmes
Tyler Gagnon
Julio Rodriguez
Dean Green
Brett Lawrie
Jose Campos
Claudio Custodio
Brenny Paulding
Richard Jones