This specific forum is pretty simple and straightforward to use, we just ask you follow these simple rules to help keep this forum organized and running smoothly. Thanks!

General Guidelines:
  • Do NOT post trade lists in this forum. This forum is for showing off all your latest acquisitions. If cards are available, that's fine, but please do not use this section to post threads consisting of only new traders. This is primarily an area for showing off PC acquisitions.
  • Do not use Bump or TTT posts. This will only clutter the forum. Only reply to your own topic if you are updating your specific list of PC, or responding to a question/comment made by another member. It's a bit tacky to bump up your thread to get more comments.
  • We encourage you to include information in your post. Include a picture/scan of the card(s) displayed in your post (it is called SHOW and Tell after all), tell us how you got it, that sort of thing. Stories behind the cards are interesting and help generate discussion.
  • Mailday Posts. We encourage you to post good maildays or eBay pickups.
  • LIST BASEBALL ONLY! Last but not least, do not list other sports cards in the Baseball Show and Tell Forum unless it is part of a mailday or multi-sport break. Please list those cards in the other sports forums.

Other Uses For This Forum:

Show off Prized sets
Want to show off your most prized set, or that vintage set that took you years to build? We want to hear about it! Feel free to post that as Show and Tell here.

Thanks for reading and following the rules! Now, let's see those beautiful cards!