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    WTB Hall of Fame rookies

    I have about 150 paypal for hall of famers rookie cards. Might be able to squeeze out a little more for the right card. Looking for best condition possible, but i understand and dont expect to buy any real high end here. Just looking for some of the mid range guys like the Santos and blylevens of the world for example. Please let me know what you have and scans are a plus.

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    have a few in my vintage bucket
    looking for HOF autos, HOF cut autos, Griffey Jr Autos, Puckett autos, Sandy Koufax autos and tough HOF GU.

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    If there's anything you might be interested in, let me know and I'll get you a price. I appreciate your time either way.


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    I have a ton of what you're looking for, pm me as a reminder and I'll get you a list this weekend.
    Looking for all 09 Finest Will Venable Letter Auto's!
    Letters Needed: Base - NONE ; Refractor - NONE ; Blue Refractor - NONE ;
    Gold Refractor - NONE ; Red Refractor - V, E, N, A, L ; Super (gulp) - E, N, A, B, L, E

    Please contact me if you can help!!!

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    Who exactly are you looking for? I have quite a few rookie commons. Might be able to put a nice lot together for you. You looking for future HOF's as well?
    I collect Trevor May,​Drew Doughty

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    Quote Originally Posted by jpietrzak7862 View Post
    Looking for current hof
    Ok awesome, you looking for commons as well? I can go 5 cents per common for most of the cards.
    I collect Trevor May,​Drew Doughty

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